Monday, 24 August 2015

20 million lifetime meters awards

20 million lifetime meters on the concept2 bag and pin (from concept2 as a reward) thanks guys :-) hopefully I'll get at least one more meter

Friday, 21 August 2015

Long road to recovery

Well came home from hospital yesterday - feeling more tired from lack of sleep than sore. So now I'm looking at the road forward - ten days before I'm supposed to sit and three months before any exercise other than walking - still I can actually walk without any pain now :-)

Monday, 3 August 2015

20 million lifetime meters and the CTC - time for a break before I'm broken

Well although I had 17,545m left - which a fit and firing Wulf could possibly knock of in a hour TT (my PB is 17,623m) at the moment I'm wounded and licking my wounds - well going for an MRI at least on Sunday - so bearing that in mind I managed to get a half hour row in this morning 30r20 70% HRR 8,042m which left me with 9,503m - looking at the CTC (3by9min with 3min rest - details here ) I decided with a 1k warm up I should be able to knock out three reps at 2,666m (1:41.2 pace) and along with the "rest" meters and a short cool down that would do me

So warm up done with two 200m bursts of rate 26 aiming at 1:41 pace I set the row up. Went off well and although I aimed at r26 I wasn't too concerned to let the rate come up - which it did - as did the breathing lol - man was I blowing like an old choo choo train. Still managed to keep a tight grip on it - didn't focus too much on the screen - just kept a glancing eye on the pace on the ergdata screen. All three reps where tough in there own rights - and the third I let the pace drift after about 2 minutes and then picked it up with three minutes to go and thumped the last minute. Sweaty but happy to finish and better than intended, although I'm currently at the top of the leader board I'm sure Sam Blythe, Andy Benko, Lee Bawn and a few others will sort that out shortly. I may now take a few days off to try and let my back recover a little ....

 It's funny - Facebook does those "remember .. years ago today" and I had one congratulating me on my 5 million meters 

Cecil - this ones for you buddy!