Tuesday, 31 December 2013

7by2k @20 1:20r

Well that was a nasty brute of a session – I’m glad I decided to go a little slower than my first thought of pace (was contemplating 1:40 pace – wheels would have flown off at that!) 4k warm up done and so I aimed at initially at 30r20 pace (1:42.9)


In the first rep I found myself sat at 1:43 with a few hundred to go and upped it a little as I felt I had enough left – came in at 1:42.4 pace which set the target then – managed that for the first 4 reps – each of them where painful – as in discomfort more than pain – a numbness if you will – having HD’d yesterday I was determined to finish today - but knew that in order to complete the session I needed to back off and so targeted sub 7 pace for the 5th with the aim of trying to pick it up on the sixth – even at that it was one hell of a fight in the 5th rep – the 6th rep I fell into a kind of trance like state and nothing left in the legs – think the body had given up complaining – although thoughts of binge drinking in my younger years came to mind – did you ever drink far too much of something alcoholic in one sitting and it put you off it for years? I did – with scrumpy jack (cider) – Southern Comfort – Newcastle Brown Ale – to name but a few – that for years after I’d had a run in with them turned my stomach – that was how I was viewing the erg at this point! :lol: the 7th rep flew by – but again little left to push and was thankful it was over – long session time wise – but managed to get in work 40min early to make the time up.


It’s done now – and so are my legs – even my bum is numb!


Happy New Year

Saturday, 28 December 2013

**** 8by500's 1:30r PB ****

So this afternoon as I stated I got a bit of vertigo which I thought would mean the session was off - but after a couple of travel sickness tablets it was time to bring the game
Out to the shed - 6c and 90%+ humidity - kept the heater on throughout the warm up and got the temp up to 11c by the end - toasty.
First rep and instead of looking at the at the monitor I found myself looking at the Rowpro laptop readout and just focused on the split time - new I had to have this at 1:29 to hit the PB and at the finish it came in at 1:29.1 - PB being 1:29.5 - this meant it was either gonna bite me bad later or I'd PB - so I did the same thing for the rest of the reps and just focused on the split - I mucked up the 5th and 7th rep by not rowing through the line so lost 0.1 on the split - which in the end meant the average came out at 1:29.3 rather than 1:29.2 (actually it was 1:29.25 but Q likes to round up :lol: ) of course this means next time I do this session I'm going to have to start hitting the 1:28's - gulp!

Friday, 27 December 2013

OK - I'm on the track (see yesterdays blog) 10kr24 80% HRR

Lets see if I can stay on it and not get derailed! :lol:

Today called for 10k r24 at HRR 80% (160 for me) and after a 4k warm up I set about it - aimed at 1:41 until the HR got up and then reduced pace as needed - interestingly this is the 3rd fastest 10k in the 30-39H group at the moment (or would be if I ranked it - but that would knock my second spot off :lol: ) - is no one doing 10k's at the moment?

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Trying to get back on track 60r20 80% HRR

Well - been a bit of a disaster training wise of late - think the 60min PB took more out of my legs than originally thought and a consequence of that combined with the little ones first birthday and xmas has thrown me right out - so - although I'm not back on track yet at least I'm heading towards the sound of the trains.

Todays row was intended to be tough enough to force some physical gains and also long enough to test the mental metal - 60r20 with a upper HRR limit of 85% fitted the bill - deciding to aim at sub 1:48 pace per 3 minute split - I found the large majority of it at 80% HRR (160) had moments of "I want to stop" not cos it hurt - but cos its cold in my shed and I would much rather be sat in front of the fire watching TV. So pretty happy I got through it although not close to a tough physical row - with recent mental weakness it was a step forward - phew!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Trying to find a rhythm - CTC - 3by2k 3r

So after Sat nights 60min PB http://roadtosub6.blogspot.ie/2013/12/60min-pb.html there had been a bit of head scratching in camp-Q as to my 2k (when you couple the recent 500m 1:19.7 with the hours 1:43.5) so it was decided to trial a few things – one of which is a 6k TT – so I had the bright idea of doing it yesterday lunchtime … yep you guessed it HD – twice – first one after 600m and second one after 1400m – why – well possibly legs fried a little from Sat (which I think after doing todays row I can confirm :lol: and secondly I didn’t find the rhythm – r24 for 60min and r32 for 6min both require very different breathing patterns to a 6k r28 and I always need to play around to get my body used to it before I get a good attempt in – and I always forget this and just go for it anyway :lol:  so today’s intention was to get used to the rate and the rhythm so with this month’s CTC being 3by2k it seemed a great choice and would give me added incentive to get through – I don’t think the Paddy’s mind when I do this ;-D


So the target was r28 and I thought I’d aim at 1:39 pace – but that would mean a finish of 6:32 – and that doesn’t look as nice as sub 6:30 – so 1:37.5 it was – basically I sat on it from start to finish – the pace drifted up in the middle as far as 1:37.8 but no further – and as I thought it worked a treat – the first 500m of the first rep the usual “panic attack” feelings set in but with it only being 2k I was able to drive through them – I think this comes to bear due to the large increase in oxygen the body craves and the mind is like “WOOOO WTF BRO!” once over that I was able to settle into it – and then I could feel the tiredness in the legs – which again was good – especially when it hit me with 1300m to go in the final rep – just drove on through it and finished with a little flurry – rated a little higher than I would have liked – but good training and a score for my Paddy guys and gals!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

**** 60min PB ****

Have to say thanks to Andy Jones - after a day of chores I'd just bathed and popped the baby to bed - so while I waited for her to settle I had a quick look at the blogs - I'd almost decided not to go out and row - it was gone 9pm - but he gave me the kick I needed.
Plan was to punish myself as I'd missed to many sessions this week with a cold and wimping out - so a hard 60min sounded like it would do the trick - looking at the rankings the current No1 in the 30-39 group was 17300 by Lars Gumprecht (my PB was 17137) - so that was the target - 1:44.0 and thought r24 would be good to go. So outside I went into the 11c shed with 93% humidity - ahh Ireland - wet and cold! 2k warm up - then set the 60min - splits at 3:45 and off I set.
To be honest I found it reasonably comfortable - was thinking at 12min in it might start to hurt - but got through in good shape and under target - then told myself if I stayed at 1:43.5 pace at 20min I would back off for the middle 20min - but I didn't need to and kept at it - one eye on the HR though - my 2k TT's had maxed at 178 (although my max HR was 190 I hadn't seen that for a while) as it got over 178 I thought I better settle back in order to ensure I got to the end - also my knees started to hurt a tad - but with a minute left I decided to thump it home
Workout Summary - Dec 14, 2013
--|17394|60:00.0|17394|60:00.0|01:43.5|24.6|166.0| 84.3%
Workout Details
01|00873|03:00.0|00873|03:00.0|01:43.1|24.0|130.7| 61.2%
02|01743|06:00.0|00870|03:00.0|01:43.4|24.0|149.0| 73.2%
03|02613|09:00.0|00870|03:00.0|01:43.4|24.0|153.1| 75.9%
04|03483|12:00.0|00870|03:00.0|01:43.5|24.0|157.0| 78.4%
05|04356|15:00.0|00873|03:00.0|01:43.1|24.0|159.7| 80.2%
06|05227|18:00.0|00871|03:00.0|01:43.4|24.0|161.7| 81.5%
07|06097|21:00.0|00870|03:00.0|01:43.4|24.0|163.8| 82.9%
08|06966|24:00.0|00869|03:00.0|01:43.6|24.0|164.8| 83.5%
09|07837|27:00.0|00871|03:00.0|01:43.3|24.0|166.7| 84.7%
10|08705|30:00.0|00868|03:00.0|01:43.7|24.3|167.9| 85.6%
11|09571|33:00.0|00866|03:00.0|01:43.9|24.3|169.2| 86.4%
12|10438|36:00.0|00867|03:00.0|01:43.8|24.0|170.4| 87.2%
13|11305|39:00.0|00867|03:00.0|01:43.8|24.7|172.2| 88.3%
14|12172|42:00.0|00867|03:00.0|01:43.9|24.7|172.9| 88.8%
15|13037|45:00.0|00866|03:00.0|01:44.0|24.0|173.6| 89.3%
16|13900|48:00.0|00862|03:00.0|01:44.4|24.0|175.0| 90.2%
17|14758|51:00.0|00859|03:00.0|01:44.8|24.3|175.1| 90.2%
18|15617|54:00.0|00859|03:00.0|01:44.8|25.0|175.6| 90.6%
19|16480|57:00.0|00863|03:00.0|01:44.3|25.3|176.4| 91.1%
20|17077|59:00.0|00596|02:00.0|01:40.6|29.0|178.9| 92.7%
21|17231|59:30.0|00154|00:30.0|01:37.4|32.0|181.1| 94.2%
22|17394|60:00.0|00163|00:30.0|01:31.9|34.0|182.5| 95.1%

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Birc - Videos - Photos - Reflections

So no training today while I try and shift the cold - also works lunch do in the canteen so used that as a reason for the rest.
Over the week I've been reflecting on BIRC and have to say the overall experience was fantastic - the team (Q-Power) really and truly feels like a team with the people within it looking after each other and trying to help out where needed with others. It's funny in a sport where it's so much about ones personal goals that people still work so well for the good og others.
As for my races I'm still happy with the decision to both the Open and the 35-39 - there was a fear that the idea of having to race again would slow me in the first one - I don't think it did - what did slow me a little was a touch of illness and a touch of stupidity (where I worked out that 1:31.9 split meant a finish time of sub 6:04 - I doubled the seconds on the ave - d'oh) The races themselves in the outcome position wise where a fair reflection on my abilities on the day and the opposition I had - but - walking away as British Open champion and "Champion of Champions" still doesn't sit easy with me - when you look at the times on the "Champion of Champions" cup (mostly Mr Benton but also a Sir Pincent on there) and you are a little embarrassed to add a 6:07 – maybe it’s just an Irish guilt thing :lol: I have come away determined to make amends though – once I am back up and running there will be a bigger (in some areas (muscle) – smaller in others – (fat)) Beowulf ready for a tussle. That sub6 is still very much a goal I WILL attain – and now Mr Benton has upped the ante on the world record I have a real fight on my hand – onwards and upwards!
Thanks to Anne Yates for the top three photos
Getting ready for the Open
This video is purely the wait for the Open to start – just saved it cos I like it

The Race itself – fat men can row fast’ish
After the open “Why did I decide to do two!”
The Open result
Summoning up the energy for the 35-39
35-39H Race
During the race (35-39) - thanks to Sion Evans
The 35-39H results
Champion of Champions Cup
To infinity and beyond! Onwards and Upwards
The Q-Power Team – 4 Golds and 4 Silvers (incl James Howards who isn’t in the photo)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

30r20 70% HRR - still in guard mode

Well the sore throat turned to full on nose runs - lovely - so today was another guard duty training wise - tomorrow is a day off as it's the works xmas lunch do - no booze - just food - but means forgoing training - which to be honest if I was fully fit I wouldn't - but with a cold it might be an idea to give it a day to "breath"

So 30r20 it was on a HR limit of 70% HRR (146) but I wanted to smash the start and get the HR up as soon as - so I did

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Just being precautious 30r18 70% HRR

Last weeks sore throat had reared its ugly head again - thought I'd drowned it at the weekend J so as I am not under pressure at the moment I will give it time to feck off - therefore the good old 30r18 HRR 70% came into play.

Ave 1:49.0 - 8251m

Been looking at a few erg races and I'm getting a clear idea of where I want to head in terms of the next improvements - it's all quite exciting