Monday, 27 November 2017

Did some rowing.. 40r20 70% HRR

Well after two weeks of new job starting / hall/stairs/landing painting and looking after a nine month pregnant wife and four year old daughter I finally got back on the rowing machine tonight and have a plan to get some sessions in... for a while at least.. lol

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

HM @20 75% HRR

First row after two days off - trying to get home ready for baby arrival in not so very long now.....

With the crazy Bear Challenge on I decided to plum for a HM @20 75% HRR as that fitted with the current training - was watching "In the line of duty" and of course the big finale chase scene coincided with the end of the row hence HR racing a little lol

Sunday, 12 November 2017

8by500 1m30s the addiction of pain

After last night's 4by750 you'd think the last thing I'd want to do is more speed work, but when you get through a session like last night, by the skin of your teeth, then you do want to bury yourself again. So with a target of 1:32.2 in mind and a rate of 30 I set off and counted fifteen strokes a time. Focusing on the rep I was in and trying to get the flow going. On the final rep I just cruised on 1:31 pace and then in the last two hundred dropped the power to get the sub 1:30.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

4by750 3r - if there is a more brutal row to do after a week off....

please don't tell me what it is cos I don't want to know lol

so started painting a welsh dresser last week we got, it was pine, it's now grey/green (looks better than it sounds) and that turned into redecorating the entire kitchen ... so ceiling prepped and painted, walls prepped and painted, woodwork... tiled floor I actually got down and scrubbed by hand (well with a scrubbing brush) and that meant being up till 2 am one night, then the kitchen table got repainted to match the dresser - this combined with sorting the two family cars out with services and tests and new tires and day to day stuff sucked up my life, the reason is I'm starting a new job next week and we've a baby due in December which means it's all hands to the pump to get things sorted.

OK today we got the last of the stuff done so I got the opportunity to row - I decided to have a crack at the 4by750 which I had scheduled last week and I felt would give me the best training benefit. Not sure where to pin it - needed to keep the rate down as I didn't want to burn the lungs so originally thought r28 1:32 pace - but then after the warm up figured r30 would be wiser.

First rep was not too bad so on the second rep I went a little harder, the third rep was OK until the last 300m then I had to back of a little. Rep 4 and the fun began in earnest when I finally got to the last 200m I was dropping back to 1:35 pace so - switched the brain off and just rode the pain, it was brutal, managed to get over the line and then had a little lie down lol

Friday, 3 November 2017

60r18 70% HRR row - new training partner

I will call him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him....

Spotted him running along the shelf up above the front of my erg seemingly with a care in the world :) used to keep mice as a kid. Prefer a mouse in the shed to a cat in my garden any day.

As for the row - went well and managed a SB on this particular row

TE 2.5 MAX HR 149 Target HR 146 AVE HR 143 16,116m 1:52.7

6by1min 1r - maybe not as bad as I thought

Bat man... felt more like Fat man.. by the end I was lying on the floor fecked man lol schedule called for 6by1 min on 1 min rest - not really sure where to target it so went with my recent 2by1min pace of 1:27 and see how I got on but deliberately increased the rate to 34 in order to get the lungs working - that plan worked. After warming up I felt flat as a pancake - in fact I started the first rep and stopped as I was just not switched on and need to be on these to look after the back. After the 4th one I really wanted to quit but decided to crack on and try to shut down that part of the brain... it worked - felt like getting sick after the 6th and had a little lie down for myself. Definitely need to drop some more bey weight but now after looking back at previous scores today's was actually pretty good considering.

1:26.8 r34 TE 2.7 Max HR 174

7th October 2016 - 1:29.2
18th July 2014 - 1:26.4 (40 age group PB)

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel... 4by2k r24 5r

Or just some ******* holding a torch bringing me more work.. well in this regard that is good news as I have been offered a job - yay - still have the contract to sign but I actually can't wait to get back into the "workforce" and getting some semblance of a routine.... that is until the baby is born in December... lol

So tonight 4by2k r24 5r - target 1:45 pace - was falling asleep around 6pm so wasn't sure I would get the drive to get out in the shed to do this - but I managed and once under way got to enjoy it