Wednesday, 27 April 2016

8by500m r24 1:30r - turbulent life

Well to say life ain't easy at the moment would be a slight understatement - but lets just keep taking one step and hope we move forwards with it. No training since Friday before work - Mrs (24 weeks pregnant currently) in hospital Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after being quite ill Saturday night... also work have sold up the building and are moving to rented space - loss of gym facilities and canteen come August. We've also something else going on which is taking it's toll. So today i decided to just go with what I feel in regards to the erg which meant 8by500m r24 1:35 target pace and boy did I need that.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

30r20 AM 2k r26 ish... lol PM

So spent the majority of yesterday painting the outside of the house - look great but im knackered lol still managed to get in early somehow so 30r20 75% HRR before I started work and for lunch I was just getting more and more tired and in the end plumped for a 2k r26 piece aiming at 1:37.5 after my full race warm up I set off and it was in no way easy but happy to say I stuck with in and got the result so a happy but tired Paul today

Monday, 18 April 2016

30r20 target pace - turned out to be quite a strong row

as per - no training over weekend - also not in early enough this morning to train early - so lunchtime and 30r20 called looking for a target I plucked 1:47 from somewhere and off I set after a 1k warm up - somehow chopped through the first 7 and a half minutes still under 70% HRR and sub 1:47 pace!! Did contemplate swapping it out for a 70% HRR overall piece to see if I could clip 1:50 pace but stuck to the plan and manager to hit target at 80% HRR - so pretty happy with that.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Two solid sessions - 40r18 AM - 4by2k r24 4r PM

So this morning I was up at 5am which gave me plenty of time to get in and crank out 40 minutes r18 at 75% HRR (153) although the pace is still way off the drift wasn't as dramatic as recent rows and so quite happy with it - 1:53.0 10,619m

Then lunch came along and I was hmm'ing and arr'ing what to do - had originally planned on the 4by2k r24 but something almost changed my mind - in the end I went with the original idea - pace - well last week was 1:44.1 average and wanted to push on from that - so aim was 1:43 but once the first one was complete and it came in under I went with the 1:42's - all reasonably comfortable and a good end to the week ave 1:42.2

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Points system - 12by2:30 r20 30r - Brutal

Dug out an old training schedule Q put together for when we struggle to follow the set routine - I'm certainly in that position now - it a points system where rows are "worth" certain points and you need to hit a certain amount of points in a week to "get the gains" looking at it today I plumped for 12by2:30 r20 30 rest as it suits where my mind is - looking back to when I first did this session (Here - April 16th 2014 - I hit 1:40.2 with a struggle - then I spotted the day before I did a 40r18 75% HRR - averaged 1:48.3 - knowing I was way of that pace I put together in my head I should be OK at 1:42 pace (the guide is Current Seasons Best for 30r20 -2 for top score - so if CSB was 1:42 then target 1:40 for hi score - the actual scoring is a lot more complicated lol) so no warm up (no time) and off I set - yep 1:42 was a bit adventurous so dropped back looking for 1:42/43 pace and then towards the back 6 1:43/44 - made it and not too bad a average considering where I am 

30r20 75% HRR

Just trying to control the chimp on my shoulder and get some consistent training in no matter the pace

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

HD on a r18 - 1 minute boost

In early to get a row in before work as no opportunity at lunch - aimed at a r18 30 minute piece but just before half way I basically couldn't be  arsed - lack of motivation and any goal at the moment - so then dialed in 15 minutes for a paddle just to burn some calories. Towards the end of that I decided to bash out a minute just to get me some positive mood endorphin's - as I was rowing it the monitor tilted further and further backwards lol by the end it was almost horizontal - target was sub 1:25 at a reasonably controlled rate and that was achieved.