Tuesday, 30 September 2014

2k Test - r30 - video now available

Well you didn't say not to do the 2k today Q ...

Intention was 1:32 r26 first 1k then r28 for second half. But a r24 2k (6:14) yesterday left too much in the legs so after approx 500m I swapped to r28 first half with r30 on second - let the wulf lose for final 300m

The video -

That was following pre work 50r20 HRR 70%

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bristol fashion - 60r20 70% HRR - 2kr24

Well I'm still undecided on Bristol at the moment - at the weekend I was 80% not going - after this mornings 60r20 70% HRR I was 90% not going as it's the slowest HRR 60 I have done ever (OK probably not but sure felt like it) almost binned it so many times as I saw the pace drop and drop - nearly 3 seconds per 500m slower than a good day  :(

So lunchtime I wanted to push a little and see where I stood in the great 2k - but capped it at r24 as my lungs are not conditioned to high rates at the moment - especially after having the best part of two weeks of - even before that I have been missing key sessions as life's "stuff" gets in the way. I looked back and saw that in Jun (6th) I rowed a 2k r24 at 1:33.6 pace so just figured I would target sub 1:34 and see where it took me - god it took me breath away - blowing like a good un from 800m into it - thank god I had headphones on or I would have put myself off :lol: still not decided on Bristol - it's all dependent on life's "stuff" and also if I think I can put in a good time - don't want to roll up and row anything less than 6:10 and to be honest a 6:09 would be a disappointment - but probably a fair reflection on current training.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Couple of rows after 6 days off

OK some "life stuff" still crap some "life stuff" better - but the result of "life stuff" was 6 days without any exercise at all. I rowed a 5k warm up yesterday and then 2by1 min on 1 off. This morning I rowed a 20min piece @26 targeting 1:42 pace ended with a HR of 168. Lunchtime today a 40r20 HRR 70% which came in at 1:50.4 (10,869m). Although I have signed up for Bristol there is a distinct possibility I won't make it due to "life stuff"

On the upside - during the 40 minute piece at lunchtime there was a definite stirring of the "Wulf" inside - I think there may have even been a small growl and teeth gnash

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

4by750's 3r - three days in a row - video

Well tomorrow will either be the end of or start to part of my recent stress issues (well one of the reasons) to that end I won't (probably) be able to train tomorrow so might as well try and kill myself of today - so even though my mind is elsewhere I decided that I would not let this stop me - not today anyway. Warm up done and had a minute to set myself and then straight into it - the legs held up remarkably well and the heart - just need the lungs to catch up and I think they might be. On the last rep the ave had dipped over 1:31 with 250m left to go so I dug in and drove it home. Job done, If only tomorrow goes as well....

(couldn't not film today after doing the first two)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

4by750 - again - with video

4by750's again today - got stuff on my mind again (Q is aware and helping with it) and it's making me pretty darn depressed and feeling ill - in some peoples books it might not be a big thing but to me it is - but I'm determined not to let it derail me - hopefully this Thursday will see an end to it and I will elaborate more - but in the meantime 4by750 on 3min rest - 1:30.5 ave (there will be another video to follow lol)

60r20 70% HRR

Managed to get in before work for a full hour this morning - usual jobby - rate 20 and 70% HRR - I usually go chasing the sub 1:50 split average on this and start hard in the mid 1:40's and then allow the HR to come up and let the pace drop off - but with recent form being a little off on these rows I decided to just hang around the 1:50 mark and see what happened - well it seems like the engine is purring again - not sub 1:50 pace but with a average HR of 137 (HR cap is 143 and this row normally averages 140) it shows there is more in there - so looking good :o)

Monday, 15 September 2014

Pre work 30r20 70% HRR - lunch 4by750's 3r (with video)

So in work to get a low intensity 30r20 sub 70% HRR row - 8,000m spot on - no rowing over the weekend again I'm afraid.

Lunchtime punishment was therefore 4by750's with 3r aim was sub 1:31 pace and I decided to grab a full face video (probably too full face lol) just to show the discomfort I go through in order to get this done - good to share the pain - isn't it  ;-) Tough session but not insurmountable - legs where tired but the breathing - well - lets say it's a good job the phone didn't ring anyone as breathing down the phone like that could get me arrested :lol: (was going to get the video from the side but as I wanted that phone for my music I decided the iphone and PM docking station should work) job done on to the next session

Please note this is the full video - so 2min16 or rowing then all 3min of the rest :lol: havne't edited as yet - the interesting bit is the last minute when I try to breath without oxygen - well that's what it kinda felt like

Friday, 12 September 2014

8by500's 1:30 rest - training

So - 8by500's and to use it as training specifically (and as my legs are bookled) aimed at sub 1:31 which all went well apart from a false start on the 3rd - 6th and 8th rep lol still the actual strokes during the 500m's where sub 1:31 overall so happy I hit my training target - after all this is training for a race not a race in itself - well not this time :o)

False starts where because
3rd rep - picked up the handle and I must have slightly spun the flywheel for once it hit the go I and I took the first proper stroke it was showing a average of 3:10+ lol
6th rep - ergdata seemed to delay and got stuck on the countdown from 3sec it went to 0 without 2 or 1!
8th rep - picked handle up then dropped it and had to reach forward to grab it as the clock hit zero so I was over extended at the start - still I got the job done

40r20 pre work - antibiotics causing HR increase?

So just a 40r20 70% HRR this morning before work - I've been on antibiotics for a mouth infection for almost a week now and am wondering if it maybe these (or the infection) causing the increase in HR during these rows (well drop in pace for the HR cap)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

10kr26 and some race starts

10kr26 a little struggle to keep the HR down with the stroke rate to be honest - did contemplate dropping it to r24 but decided to just stick with it. Then a 500m race start and that felt terrible - the 300m race start felt a lot better thank god.
10k was 1:49.0

500m 100m splits where

1:28.5 r37
1:31.0 r33
1:31.0 r36
1:31.0 r33
1:31.0 r33

300m 100m splits where

1:27.5 r38
1:29.5 r33
1:30.0 r33

another struggle 60r20 70% HRR

So this morning I went into the gym before work to get a 60r20 done - just about had time - HRR 70% and it was a struggle from the start - not because I physically found it hard - but because the HR rose and that meant the pace had to drop which then started playing on the mind - on a really good day I can get this done sub 1:50 pace - today wasn't a really good day but as opposed to recent days I stuck with it to the end which means I walk up to work with a small smile on my face

oh you may notice the pace increases about 15 minutes before the end - this tied in with it getting cooler in the gym as the two other users had left and the air con had caught up


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

8by500 1:30r - hurting

I've a few things going on at the mo which have gotten me down - one in particular - and a crap few days of training with HD's even on the simplest rows - but looking at the schedule I had the 8by500's and so I went down at lunch and tried to focus on one rep at a time and just get through them - but me being me I also wanted to try and PB lol - so that was going to get painful - which it did - 0.6 off a PB and 0.3 of my recent effort - but in terms of gutsing it out +10

Lungs where thundering after the second rep - Legs where pumped by the third - by the end I was almost in cramp and went down on the floor

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

50r20 70% HRR

nice and sweaty - seems a little form coming back on these rows - wouldn't quite get the 60min sub 1:50 at the mo but heading back in that direction :o)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Count and Breath - 8by500m r1:30

So - no rowing at the weekend - HD'd twice yesterday - once at lunchtime when I was about 15 minutes into my row when the ear bud on my headphones not only came lose - but got stuck in my ear! Oh yes this is why I stopped wearing them FFS - tried the row again in the evening in the shed at home but just not into it - of course I tried again this morning but even though I got an early night last night I was just tired so only got about ten minutes done.

So with confidence on a high NOT! I looked at the schedule and Q had 8by500's on it - balls! I thought it would be something like 50r20 @70% HRR lol - OK lets just get on with it - PB pace is 1:29.3 so decided I'd stick 1:30's on the screen as much as possible and just get it done - one at a time - and what do you know - it worked - apart from sounding like an asthmatic slug climbing Everest without a oxygen tank it went reasonably well - I just counted and breathed! In fact it wasn't until the 7th rep the legs showed any sign of complaints - just the breathing. I didn't pay much attention to the monitor through the reps - just a cursory glance at the time and pace every 10 seconds or so hence the higgle-de-piggle of the splits.