Monday, 29 July 2013

30min TT no PB - just hard

Two days of inactivity as far as rowing/cycling - just had no opportunity at the weekend - so today although I feel lethargic - and I hate doing a hard session after not doing anything for a day especially two - I went ahead with the 30min TT as scheduled - the plan going down was to hold sub 1:40 ave for the first ten minutes at least and then just give it what  I had.

I didn't have as much as last week - but still managed to scramble over 8900m with a push at the end - a horrible middle section - but pleased I managed to crack on with the row and didn't HD which is easy enough to do once the split starts drifting.

I do believe that I can crack 9k soon enough with the right start and energy levels ( on about 5 hours sleep a night at the mo :lol: )

Plenty left on the HR

Friday, 26 July 2013

8by500m 1:30r PB

Well I had a shocker of a session on Wednesday - wasn't worth blogging  :lol:

Yesterday we went to the hospital with the baby for a check up - alls well and she's getting to be a little "bunter" now  :-D

Last night I managed to get out on the mountain bike (10 years old - been sat in the loft for 5 years) for a quick spin up a nasty little hill - the Mrs calls it "Heart Attack Hill" and that's from just driving down it!  :shock: so of course I had to try and bike up it - on a bike I hadn't rode for 5 years - :lol: - felt kinda weird cycling down to it after being on the road bike - but got to the bottom - dropped the gears and took a flyer at it - got half way up - gears started slipping and crunching (had them too high) and so turned and rolled down - turned again and dropped the gears and up I went - wow that was frickin tough! Great training - gave me the oxygen throat burn - loved it :lol:

So today I thought I’d better do some “proper” training on the erg and as I haven’t done a few of our standard interval sessions I went for 8by500m 1:30 rest – decided to aim at 1:31 – heading down to get ready to be honest I felt like crap – feel the same – I’ve not been getting a huge amount of sleep at the moment and getting run down a bit I think – still training to be done and that’s how I viewed it – just get through the session – even if only the first 4 hit the target I was willing to grind out what I had for the final four – but as it turned out all went quite well – sure it hurt in parts – but this is only 1:30 of rowing and that normally means just grinning and bearing it – I even visualised the hill from the bike ride and used that to spur me on- previous PB for the session 1:31.8 new PB 1:30.3 – and probably a little more there if I could get some kip :lol:

Monday, 22 July 2013

**** 30min TT ****

Well training is poop - drained at the moment and feeling the pull from the road bike - but I broke that on Saturday  :roll: and although I got my mountain bike out the loft it's not the same - so need to pull my socks up and get back on the erg today - dragged myself down to train and made myself do a 30min TT - I'd got 20min in on this on the 16th and bailed basically cos my mind wasn't in it (nor my heart) that was averaging 1:41.4 @27

Went through a 2k warm up - two 30 second bursts at rate and pace to see how it felt - was OK - legs complaining - but when don't they - so plugged the time in and of I set - earphones played their usual games of trying to fall out but managed to get them back in enough times - in my head I wanted to sit on 1:41 for the first ten minutes - let it drift to 1:42 for the middle if needed and then back to 1:41 for the final ten - I found it tough more mentally than anything - heart was coping fine and legs just as usual dead feeling - lungs working but not overly worrying - did notice my stroke length was diminished to 1:50's but then the rate came up higher - hey-ho

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

**** 30r20 PB ****

OK - I officially do not understand this malarkey anymore

I’m suffering from a mild Vertigo attack (or whatever it’s called – “attack” sounds a bit drastic) so the last couple of days have been a dizzy spinning haze – just about managing to get what needs to be done done (feed baby – wash bottles – feed/walk dogs – get to work – get what I can done etc) but other than that I’ve been sleeping – was late into work this morning as I couldn’t wake and slept for two hours yesterday evening – it’s the only time the world doesn’t feel hazy – well that and when I erg for some odd reason – even so I was tempted not to erg today – the only reason I did is because I’m likely to miss tomorrow as we have a “team building” afternoon in work.

So the plan was to go down and after a 1k warm up do 30r18 HRR 70% - but decided that was too hard as it meant banging out 1:48/49’s so thought I’d go for a 30r20 and cap it at 160 (80% HRR) – and off I set – then it happened – the stroke became long – the legs didn’t feel like lead – the headphones stayed in my ears and I erg’d with ease – well while it’s there lets have it – and I did – in fact I could have gone 8700+ I reckon – next time hey :-D

Thursday, 11 July 2013

1k PB ... just (with video)


Firstly big thanks to C2 UK - they sent me replacement bolts for my erg seat so I can start hammering it again now  :-D

After the last couple of days of rubbish rows I think I may understand why – I hate to join in the “complain about heat” brigade – but it does me in! It’s not so bad in the room I train in (got moved again) it’s probably about 20c and with a fan quite nice – it’s the temp in the office and the building and outside that’s kicking my butt – basically last couple of evenings I’ve just ended up falling asleep wherever I stop for more than five minutes – chair – bed – car – OK not the car – so rather than start a middle distance piece where my old mental capabilities might leave me wanting I pulled in a off the cuff 1k TT – I was going to do a power erg session (8by2min @20) but even that looked ominous

So 5k warm up and the HR was good – legs a little tired – breathing a little heavy but all manageable – oh well best get on with it then – the plan was 1:26/27 and I wanted to maintain a strong technique with a long stroke and high tempo – I paid for the lack of speed work though as the lungs began to burn not being used to this kind of exertion – happily the legs held strong and the HR stayed stronger – I’m going to have to work my lungs I think to get nearer the 2:50 mark (which I believe is within reach this season) – as I couldn’t very well just do 1k after the last couple of days of mucked up training I tagged a 5k@20 on after about 5min recoup which helped flush the system.

In other news I've managed to maintain sub 110kg for the last 5 days

Monday, 8 July 2013

My kind of Triathlon (+ CTC)

Today the mrs was off out to see a friend and do "shopping" hmm I'll stay at home and get my chores done then - started early and got the house cleaned and tidied (downstairs) incl furniture moved to hoover under ie a proper job. So I'd planned one day to do a kind of triathlon - my kind of triathlon - stuff the running and swimming - I'd do road bike - erg - weights - so I did 

Out on the bike for my usual route and managed my fastest time to date  :-D [url=]Garmin Output[/url] still slow by anyone who actually bikes  :lol: ave moving speed of 26.2km/h

Then back and changed into the AIO from the bike gear and out to the shed - screwed the seat back together (borrowed a bolt for erg in work) and then set about 60@18 HRR 170 (146) - with the temp at 24C (75F) - nice and sweaty - thought about canning it at 30min but decided to crack on - never know when I'll get an opportunity like this to train again so tried to work on technique


Then a blast at the CTC - started hard and kept it that way - in fact the HR went 1 bpm higher than my 2k yesterday :lol: but I mucked up the timing and about 5 seconds left on the clock with a pred finish of 671m showing I watched and daren't take another stroke to see my result drop to 661 and the second minute came in @19 FFS - oh well I'll get there - I might get someone to come in and count for me  :S 



[url=]Garmin Output for CTC[/url]

Finally some weights - trying to get the "ass to grass" in squats so bought a medicine ball and basically the idea is to get my butt to touch it - felt a bit like bambi trying to stand on the first few :lol: for those who know - are the heels supposed to rise? (I don't think they are) 


Squats 10 by 20(bar) - 20 - 30 - 40kg - ass to grass
Deadlift 10 by 90kg x 3 sets 
Bent over pull-ups 10 by  60kg x 3 sets
Upright row 10 by 40kg x 3sets
Alt DB hammer curl 10 by 13.5kg(+bars) x3

By the time I finished the temp was over 27C in the shed - this picture was taken as I started the weights


That should burn some calories  :-D

30r18 HRR 70% (146) - bolted

Well I stole a bolt from my Model D to fix the seat on the Model C - pfff - some people think I'm crazy having two ergs - paid off didn't it :lol: C2 are sending me on a replacement as well - thanks guys :-D

Today my legs are still beat by the CTC by 8 reps I did on Tuesday - actually a few people asked me about my drag for that - I used 140 which I use for all rows - didn't even occur to me to increase it.

So with that in mind I went through the 30r18 on HRR 70% (146) - the only problem when your heart and blood system gets more efficient is that you have to smash the legs up more on these sessions - oh good :-D

30r18 HRR 70% (146)

Caught short for time at lunch - also forgot to bring in the bolt for the erg seat - so that meant an easy 30min - job done - in a new room and felt hotter than usual but the temp was actually the same - nice length on the drive though - any weighing in sub 110kg for two days in a row now (109.7kg this morning) so all in all heading the right way  :-D

Friday, 5 July 2013

2k time - with Video

Well it seems to be 2k time in Q-Power (i've been a little out of sync with the training plan recently what with the baby, Mrs redundancy, RowStrongForBoston etc - but the rest of the team have been training hard and yesterday and today the majority of them have been knocking off 2k's - great - thank guys FFS :lol: ) so with that in mind I thought I'd better get one done and share the pain. Legs still complaining from the CTC on Tuesday and last night I went out on a hour long bike ride to burn some calories as I had actually gained a kg somehow (it worked and I'm back down again now to 110.5kg)

Bike ride details here ==> bit slow according to Pete M ( :lol: ) but in my defence there is a bloody hill in the middle!

Oh wait - you came for the 2k didn't you - OK through the warm up and did think that maybe the legs where too burnt - but then decided that come a race day legs burnt or not I'm still going to have to suck it up - so I did - the plan - well 1:33 flat for the first 1500m and then try and dip under 6:10 ....

stupid 0.3 of a second - OK so the legs did hold me back in the end - but when I think that I basically only decided to do the 2k this morning off no speed work at all (in fact I've been doing low rate work only for three or more weeks) then I can't complain too much - onwards and upwards!

Now to be honest I know without even looking at the video my technique was horrid today – I put that down to not working on any speedwork recently – and I’m sticking to that excuse! :lol:

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

CTC July 2013 + Q's punishment

When I first saw the CTC for this month it intrigued me, very close to the PowerErg sessions we (well I) do 1min @20. With that in mind I asked Q if it would be OK to have a go at it, just to see what I can do and it makes a change to the 1minutes, I would of course have to do something else as a simple 2min @20 wouldn't give me much of a training effect so I suggested the full 5k race warm up then 2min @20 a 2min rest and then at a reduced pace a further 5 sets of 2min @20 ... that's what I suggested, it wasn't what Q came back with  :twisted: 

So the CTC, had to be careful with the knee and watched for any signs during the warm up, but to be honest the ab's hurt more :lol: so then set up the CTC and started the camera, back to the seat, realised I hadn't connected the HR to the PM, so reset and reset the camera and off we go

and off went the C-Breeze, so reset again and off we go, my target 1:33, why, cos Nav said so  :lol:

oh - Q's punishment, well he decided I could do 7 reps on 1 min rest, cheers Q, i suppose he did give me 3min rest after the CTC, but the bloody seat wasn't sitting on the slide right from the main piece and that was annoying, but hey 

Monday, 1 July 2013

30r18 HRR 70% Post Marathon

System testing myself today to see what damage if any I did yesterday, not too bad, knee still causing slight discomfort, just need to keep an eye on it. Strangely the place most sore is the ab area, they must have had a good work out yesterday, that combined with me dropping below 110kg for the first time since my 20's probably, could mean by holidays in October I could have a "beach bod" :lol:

Oh dear, I cocked up, I just did 30r18 based on last weeks workouts, but last week I did 30r20's at 70% HRR. OK in that case system test concludes that my body is fine, the brain is fried, still sub 1:50 pace for 70% HRR 30min on r18 I'll take it, Q will be pleased  ;-)