Monday, 22 July 2013

**** 30min TT ****

Well training is poop - drained at the moment and feeling the pull from the road bike - but I broke that on Saturday  :roll: and although I got my mountain bike out the loft it's not the same - so need to pull my socks up and get back on the erg today - dragged myself down to train and made myself do a 30min TT - I'd got 20min in on this on the 16th and bailed basically cos my mind wasn't in it (nor my heart) that was averaging 1:41.4 @27

Went through a 2k warm up - two 30 second bursts at rate and pace to see how it felt - was OK - legs complaining - but when don't they - so plugged the time in and of I set - earphones played their usual games of trying to fall out but managed to get them back in enough times - in my head I wanted to sit on 1:41 for the first ten minutes - let it drift to 1:42 for the middle if needed and then back to 1:41 for the final ten - I found it tough more mentally than anything - heart was coping fine and legs just as usual dead feeling - lungs working but not overly worrying - did notice my stroke length was diminished to 1:50's but then the rate came up higher - hey-ho

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