Friday, 26 July 2013

8by500m 1:30r PB

Well I had a shocker of a session on Wednesday - wasn't worth blogging  :lol:

Yesterday we went to the hospital with the baby for a check up - alls well and she's getting to be a little "bunter" now  :-D

Last night I managed to get out on the mountain bike (10 years old - been sat in the loft for 5 years) for a quick spin up a nasty little hill - the Mrs calls it "Heart Attack Hill" and that's from just driving down it!  :shock: so of course I had to try and bike up it - on a bike I hadn't rode for 5 years - :lol: - felt kinda weird cycling down to it after being on the road bike - but got to the bottom - dropped the gears and took a flyer at it - got half way up - gears started slipping and crunching (had them too high) and so turned and rolled down - turned again and dropped the gears and up I went - wow that was frickin tough! Great training - gave me the oxygen throat burn - loved it :lol:

So today I thought I’d better do some “proper” training on the erg and as I haven’t done a few of our standard interval sessions I went for 8by500m 1:30 rest – decided to aim at 1:31 – heading down to get ready to be honest I felt like crap – feel the same – I’ve not been getting a huge amount of sleep at the moment and getting run down a bit I think – still training to be done and that’s how I viewed it – just get through the session – even if only the first 4 hit the target I was willing to grind out what I had for the final four – but as it turned out all went quite well – sure it hurt in parts – but this is only 1:30 of rowing and that normally means just grinning and bearing it – I even visualised the hill from the bike ride and used that to spur me on- previous PB for the session 1:31.8 new PB 1:30.3 – and probably a little more there if I could get some kip :lol:

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