Saturday, 30 September 2017

6k TT - Irish 40-49h record, age group PB and CTC entry

So that wasn't that smooth - still have a touch of a cold (sore throat, feeling poop) and will use it as a learning experience for the next 30min TT. Aimed at r26 but towards the end found I dropped to 24/25 and that punished the legs too much for a proper sprint over the line. Still job done and row completed.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

4by2500m 4r quick blog

Just finished and it's 11:30pm so just brief details - job done - lol

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Caught up - session two 60r18 70% 2by1min

So session two today and caught up with the schedule on a 60r18 70% HRR row plus 2by1min 1r

45+30 r18 70% HRR - catch up

Opportunity to row this morning came along and as I missed last nights session i grabbed it and caught up on the 45min 2r 30min r18 70% HRR session. Had a bit of a twinge in neck and mid back from sleeping funny I think also didn't sleep that well as have a interview today... so numbers not amazing but task completed.

TE 2.7 Ave HR 143 Max HR 150 

45 min 1:53.5 11892m
30 min 1:55.4 7798m

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Monday came round early.. 30r20

What with moving our daughter to her bigger bedroom - which entailed dismantling and moving a king-size bed and a super king-size bed, plus painting the new room pink.. and all the prep work involved alongside a thorough deep clean of the dogs shed (they have a 8ft by 10ft double lined, laminate floored, all day access, insulated roof, double glazed "shed"..) meant training on Friday and Saturday took a hit so I messaged Q to see if it would be a good idea to pull Mondays session forward or catch up the missed sessions. 30r20 it was.. Take advantage of the "rest"...

Last week I pulled 1:46.2 8,468m so today I wanted to get into the 1:45 territory. Mission accomplished although the third to last split took a hit as I battled the rhythm but managed to regain it and push on.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Systems coming back online - 60r18 75% HRR plus 2 by 1min 1r

Well it really does feel like the old engine is starting to humm again now, not only was the pace good but the drop of was very minimal over the times period. Feeling positive :) had a bit of fun on the 2 by 1min 1r but nothing too extravagant.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Not firing 100% - session still completed 4by2500m r26

Tonights delight 4by2500m 4r r26 and tired trudge to the shed once again lol not really firing 100% through the warm up, head not quite right. Set the session up and got through on target but knew I had to put the score down on my whiteboard as I didn't have the mental capacity to remember it lol

Messed up final split on final stroke Ffs

60r18 70% HRR continued improvement plus 2by1min 1r

So after a long day, interview this morning, then a few shops for this and that, spending quality time with wife and daughters playing "fashion show"... don't ask. Mrs (currently 7 months pregnant) wanted to watch a film which wasn't working so I spent a hour sorting that (including driving to shop to swap it), dogs walked and then it's 10:30.. OK 60r18 70 % HRR row here we come. With added 2by1min 1r. Looking good still :)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Monday night is 30r20 night

And although at 8pm I was happily dozing off in my arm chair the Mrs (now happily back after her weekend in hospital with the all clear for her and baby) called over "are you rowing or what?" so after a minute or so I was up and changed heading out to the shed.

Race warm up and set the clock - 30 min and had last weeks meters and split on the white board in front of me - 8,363m 1:47.6 - so the simple aim was to beat that. I aimed at splitting just under 1:47 for the session and set off. Found a reasonable rhythm and held on to it. In the final two minutes I decided to pile on some pressure to see if I could add 100m to last week's score... :)

Skierg option - 10k and 30 min HRR 70%

The Mrs is in hospital at moment, 26 weeks pregnant and needs a bit of observation but all is well now we believe. This means that I can't get out to the shed with the daughter in bed to row but I can complete this weeks session by jumping on the skierg - was supposed to be a 45 min r18 2r 30 min r18 70% HRR so I converted that to be a 10k and 30  min on the skierg - I ended up rating around 36 and just tried to push the HR up to 146.

10k r36 TE 3.2 Ave HR 133 Max HR 147
30 min r36 TE 3.3 Ave HR 140 Max HR 149

I believe, by virtue of no one else logging/claiming them, they are Irish 40-49H records