Sunday, 10 September 2017

More mental than physical - 30 min TT

The culmination of the current training cycle was a 30 min TT which I headed up to the shed to complete last night, unfortunately I'm mentally not firing 100% as I am still without a job, we have a baby due in December and my daughter has just started school.. so there are times when I am rowing where I feel guilty and that I should be doing something for the family, like get a job, I do spend a hour or so every day searching and applying, but as yet although I have had positive feedback from the interviews the job hasn't come along :( so 12 minutes into it last night - down came the handle as the down "funk" got me. That hasn't made the negativity of my situation any better, so, tonight I grabbed the bull by the balls and went back out to finish what I started. I also set a reduced effort on myself of a simple r24 1:46 pace ignore the average/predicted finish and simply row every 30 seconds by counting to twelve, this seemed to work and looks like I got the pace about right as I was pulling up a little in the penultimate split. Happy with the result - the fact I finished it more than the score. Onward and Upwards!!

Last nights failure

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