Thursday, 7 July 2016

Corkbeg 4 mile road race (running!)

So the running continues with my first ever "race" - my first on the road and in memory of a local lad Robbie Steele.

Well I made it round without stopping and learned some valuable lessons
1) if you start the race in last place (ie last to cross the line) no one can overtake you - unless you overtook them first - so doesn't really count lol
2) if you start last it can be awkward....
3) old people and young children are faster than me
4) if your calf muscle hurts before the start it gonna throb like a mutha after
5) VERY IMPORTANT # know where the finish line is so you don't try and sprint 600m out trying to overtake the young ones... I would have had them if that extra few hundred meters hadn't appeared.
6) apparently my heart rate does go over 200.... (see photos)
7) get out there and take part - it's actually enjoyable even for an old fart like me

the start


the finish