Monday, 31 March 2014

gentle paddle 10k r23 HRR 65%

So just nice and light to keep things moving - quite pleasant to row these now and then - aaahhhh

Legs are in tatters - 20r20 + Diploma for the HM

Issues with car this morning - flat tyre - lack of petrol - flat battery - meant I was pushed to get into work - even so I managed to get in with enough time to do a 20 min piece.

As I started I could seriously have stopped pretty quick - 1:55 felt like I was rowing through treacle (I normally do this session at 1:47 for 30min) still kept with it hoping that it might ease and that the blood flow would help recovery - 20min done - blood pumped - don't think I'll be doing the scheduled 30r20 TT this lunch. In case you wondering why - check Saturdays blog

Speaking of Saturday I got my Diploma through for winning the comp  :-D

Saturday, 29 March 2014

**** HM PB - Estonian Inspired ****

So after last weeks HM PB Rait Merisaar contacted me via Facebook to invite me to their HM competition - - I said I'd see what I could do - but after yesterday's struggles I had put today down as a "rest day" but even so still planned on getting up this morning and having a crack at it (ye I don't get me either) as it turned out my daughter woke early and to be honest I'd rather spend the time with her - so I did - into the city with the baby and the Mrs then back about 6pm - fell asleep in the car (luckily I wasn't driving) home knackered and still the dogs to walk in the rain (this being Ireland - it's more like a waterfall) back in the house again at 8:30 pm - really had decided to just take it easy - then facebook popped up with a HM PB by Raphael Ruban - as the baby was still asleep and a neighbour had popped round for wine with the Mrs I really had no excuse and off I set to the shed.

Target was sub 1:44 - that quickly turned into 1:43.7 (ave pace from last week) - and I just sat on it - every 1k the split marker was coming up and I just sat on 1:43.7 through it - eased off a little and then built for the next one - sweat was a big problem - as was my right knee which still is giving me issues. Now having been out all day I had little to eat - breakfast and a quick lunch - so at about 50min into the row I had a real low spot - dizzy and sick due to lack of food - almost HD'd - but managed to keep it going and got through - phew - still due to the knee I was reticent to put too much pressure on before the end and so just sat on the split - till the last 1k - pretty sure I have still a good 10 or 20 seconds there with a more aggressive finish - that would require eating and a slightly better knee though :o)

Looks like I need to have a crack at my hour PB soon as well

HR data now in Garmin - see here -

Workout Summary - Mar 29, 2014
Workout Details


Friday, 28 March 2014

Slow day in the office - 30r20 plus 40r18 HRR 70%

Morning pre work session of 30r20 HRR 70% - lunch time 40r18 again at 70% - significantly slower than recent days - so rest day tomorrow then - maybe  ;-)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

4by1k r24

Decided to do the 4by1k r24 today (scheduled for weekend) as its a short session and easier to fit in at lunch

HR monitors (both Suunto and Garmin) playing up and pissing me off - nearly binned session cos of that - but due to the fact I'm calorie counting that would mean no dinner - sod that

1:34.9 (set of with target of 1:36.8 in head - I was faster)
1:34.8 - had to go faster than first
1:34.5 - thought I'd done 1:34.6 in the second one lol)
1:32.7 - decided to thump it

all bang on 24 strokes per minute ;o)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

4by2k r24

Full race warm up and then straight into it - as usual find the start worse as I bounce around a little trying to find the rhythm - figured as I'd cut short yesterdays session I should have time for the full four 2k's (only got three in last week)

6:48.0 r24 1:42.0
6:47.9 r24 1:41.9
6:47.7 r24 1:41.9
6:45.5 r24 1:41.3

30r20 70% HRR - went to 75% - smelly boys

Have to move to the gym on Wednesdays for the next few weeks as opposed to my own little room - so up a little earlier to facilitate and got set up in good time for the 30r20 70% HRR - three others in the gym - my director and two young guys from another company who rent space in our building (so don't really know them) they where doing the usual jumping from machine to machine with no real clue - pipe cleaners for arms but vest tops :lol: (sorry I know shouldn't be cruel) but what really got me was the aftershave/deoderant - it was so strong I nearly sneezed mid row - and can't say for certain but I think it was the reason the HR got away from me towards the end - tried backing off but it wasn't dropping so pushed on to a low pressure 75% HRR

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Don't panic - abandoned 40r18

just back from an aborted 40r18 - just after 20 minutes my mind turned to an email I'd sent before I came down for lunch - one between myself and a guy in the US - which someone had asked me to forward onto them - which I did without checking the content - errr HR went rocketing up - lol - just got back and checked the email was fine - that'll learn me still got a few metres in 1:47.6 - 21:54.6 - 6106m

30r20 70% HRR - 1:47.3 Ave Pace??

And so a little more shave off the 30r20 70% - have to admit I had to check my HR was working a few times :lol: but as I wear two and I had the Suunto on the handle while the PM was picking up the Garmin I knew all was working well - well until the last 5 minutes when the Garmin strap was moving and sitting on top of the Suunto so a bit of fiddling while rowing to sort them out hence a few blips on the HR.

In other news my weight has gone back up to 110kg so I've got a Garmin Vivofit - - coming - I had a Jawbone Up band which along with MyFitnessPal helped me drop a lot of weight last year - it ended up breaking/stopped working after three months (got the money back - good old amazon) but the Vivofit can also pick up the HR from my erging and sends all my data to Garmin Connect which makes it a little easier to sort out. They are out of stock at the moment but hopefully not long.

Oh and the hands have stopped being torn apart on the new erg handle - so everything is sunny  :-D

Monday, 24 March 2014

30r20 - tough going

In fact I found that tougher than yesterdays HM PB - mind you the fact I did the HM PB yesterday might of explained that :lol: was up early to try and train prior to work today but eventualities got the better of me and I wasn't able to train - did get to my desk 30 minutes early though - so lunchtime and I'm back in the old room I used for training - not quite as sealed off as the one I have been using the last few months and open to more interruptions - still I'm lucky to have it - after a 5k race warm up I was feeling pretty darn tired and figured I'd just get done what I could - initially targeting sub 1:45 pace I found myself sitting on low 1:44 ave so pumped it along and thumped it at the end - pretty well burned by the finish - so that's good then  :-D only 0.9 off PB pace as well  ;-)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

**** HM PB **** + 15 million meters lifetime meters

Well had planned on doing this last night - but didn't get a chance - not strictly on the schedule but I needed 26k to hit the 15 million lifetime meters so with a warm up and cool down the HM fitted the bill - after my hour PB I felt like I could hold sub 1:45 pace for the HM - so that was the plan - 1:44.9 till half way and assess - at the start I had a small ache in my left wrist but by half way this had eased - looking at the HR figures I was well within my limits (in fact I thought the HR had stopped working as it sat on 152 for ages - but I pushed it a little to test) so pushed on - about 8k from the end my right knee locked a little and it did this again a few times - so had to watch that - thumped the end to dip under 1h13m and to be honest feel like I could pump it more at the start - but for today that will do and 15 million done  :-D

Just worked out that I went through the hour with 17,225m ;o)

Workout Summary - Mar 23, 2014
--|21097|72:57.1|01:43.7|25.9| 77.1% |11.1
Workout Details
01|01055|03:41.4|01:44.9|24.9| 61.2% |11.5
02|02110|07:22.5|01:44.8|25.0| 70.0% |11.5
03|03165|11:03.7|01:44.8|25.2| 72.5% |11.3
04|04219|14:45.0|01:44.9|24.9| 73.7% |11.5
05|05274|18:26.4|01:44.9|25.2| 74.1% |11.3
06|06329|22:07.8|01:44.9|24.9| 74.5% |11.5
07|07384|25:48.9|01:44.8|25.0| 74.9% |11.5
08|08439|29:30.2|01:44.9|25.2| 75.6% |11.3
09|09494|33:11.3|01:44.8|25.0| 76.3% |11.5
10|10549|36:52.2|01:44.7|25.0| 76.9% |11.5
11|11603|40:32.9|01:44.6|25.6| 77.1% |11.2
12|12658|44:12.8|01:44.2|25.7| 77.9% |11.2
13|13713|47:52.6|01:44.2|26.5| 78.3% |10.9
14|14768|51:32.5|01:44.2|25.9| 78.9% |11.1
15|15823|55:12.1|01:44.1|26.2| 78.7% |11.0
16|16878|58:49.6|01:43.1|26.5| 80.4% |11.0
17|17932|62:25.6|01:42.4|27.2| 82.1% |10.8
18|18987|66:00.4|01:41.8|27.4| 83.2% |10.8
19|20042|69:32.3|01:40.4|28.0| 85.2% |10.7
20|21097|72:57.1|01:37.1|30.2| 87.5% |10.2

Friday, 21 March 2014

30r20 70% HRR - 1:47.4 Ave Pace??

Gotta love the HR training when you get results like this  :-D

Although the hand suffered a little - blood and sweat makes wulf grow big! (New handle on the new erg - they always cause me issues till I wear them down  ;-) )

Thursday, 20 March 2014

40min r18 70% HRR - 11,013m

enjoyed that - sub 1:49 pace for 40min r18 - whats not to like - really found a sweet rhythm in the last split :-D 

And at 48ml/kg and a TE of 2.3 no real cost to the system

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

3by2k 3r.@24

5k warm up and the session was 4by2k 3r which would be a struggle to fit in - it went

1) 6:48.0 1:42.0 @24
2) 6:48.0 1:42.0 @24
3) 6:48.0 1:42.0 @24

First 400m of first rep was a bit bouncy then settled.

Was contemplating rep 4 but then got a call from the Mrs - Lilly decided to eat "snuffle baby" (like Vicks) Dr recommended we take her to emergency (toxins in It) where I am just coming back from - all OK - she had a great time.being fussed over