Saturday, 29 March 2014

**** HM PB - Estonian Inspired ****

So after last weeks HM PB Rait Merisaar contacted me via Facebook to invite me to their HM competition - - I said I'd see what I could do - but after yesterday's struggles I had put today down as a "rest day" but even so still planned on getting up this morning and having a crack at it (ye I don't get me either) as it turned out my daughter woke early and to be honest I'd rather spend the time with her - so I did - into the city with the baby and the Mrs then back about 6pm - fell asleep in the car (luckily I wasn't driving) home knackered and still the dogs to walk in the rain (this being Ireland - it's more like a waterfall) back in the house again at 8:30 pm - really had decided to just take it easy - then facebook popped up with a HM PB by Raphael Ruban - as the baby was still asleep and a neighbour had popped round for wine with the Mrs I really had no excuse and off I set to the shed.

Target was sub 1:44 - that quickly turned into 1:43.7 (ave pace from last week) - and I just sat on it - every 1k the split marker was coming up and I just sat on 1:43.7 through it - eased off a little and then built for the next one - sweat was a big problem - as was my right knee which still is giving me issues. Now having been out all day I had little to eat - breakfast and a quick lunch - so at about 50min into the row I had a real low spot - dizzy and sick due to lack of food - almost HD'd - but managed to keep it going and got through - phew - still due to the knee I was reticent to put too much pressure on before the end and so just sat on the split - till the last 1k - pretty sure I have still a good 10 or 20 seconds there with a more aggressive finish - that would require eating and a slightly better knee though :o)

Looks like I need to have a crack at my hour PB soon as well

HR data now in Garmin - see here -

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  1. Congratz for the performance... and the way this HM was set up...this is a kind of addiction, that's why we like this sooooo much !