Wednesday, 30 April 2014

40r20 HRR 70% 143

still waiting for the butt to heal :lol:

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

40r20 HRR 70% 143

More bread for the sandwich that is rowing - slower than yesterdays (11023 1:48.8) - but I hadn't done an hour in the morning - butt still sore - took a few minutes to stop "clenching" at the start  :lol:

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60r20 HRR 70% - feeling fresh

Well managed to get into work in time to get a 60min row in - r20 and HRR 70% (143)

Looks like the "inners" have taken another step forwards as the average dropped by 0.6 seconds per 500m - an extra 100m for the same "cost" - I likey  :-D

TE 2.7 Ave 140 - Garmin Details -

Monday, 28 April 2014

40r20 HRR 70% 143

Just a plod at lunchtime - was going to get up to row before work but a little tired

1:48.9 r20 11,023

Butt is skinned as is the inside of the back of the knees - trainers/runners/sneakers still wet from yesterdays effort - nice! :lol:

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

**** FM PB ****

Was out shopping with the Mrs yesterday and as she enjoyed looking at clothes - again - I mean how many clothes can you look at in a day? Anyway I had a quick scan of my phone and spotted Sam Blythe had beaten my FM time by 26 seconds (2h29m20.0sec) - FFS it was one of a few of the rankings I was ahead of him :lol: I was planning on a 30min TT at the weekend - but seeing that changed my mind so I planned on having a crack at it this morning - Mrs was taking the daughter to swim lessons so had an opportunity - OK not the best prep for a FM TT - walking round shopping all day the day before - but feck it. Got up this morning - porridge and dog walk - baby sorted - then and had to sort out the shed as I'd been moving stuff around and did a 1k warm up/test - camelback set up and off I set - had two pace boats set - Sam's time of 1:46.1 and another of 1:45.8 - left both of these behind early doors and cranked through 17,150m + in the first 60 min then settled in for the journey - HR behaved and my only issues where the usual foot going numb (right foot today) and right knee clicking for most of the row (this is the reason I rate quite high - takes the pressure of) - also sweat was very excessive - 23c on finishing in the shed (18c on starting) also lost a couple of chunks of skin from my butt :lol: still without any real training or prep work for it I'm pretty happy - almost got it under 2:28:30 ... Sam back to you sir

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Workout Summary - Apr 27, 2014
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

60r20 HRR 70%

yep one of them boring rows which are the building blocks of future PB's

16,260m r20 1:50.7 ave

Ave HR 138

TE 2.5

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

4by2k r24 - neg split

Target was to do the four in 6:48.0 r24 - so 1:42.0 - but the first came in at 6:48.1 - so then I decided to neg split by 0.1 second per 2k  :-D

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44r20 70% HRR

Up and at em this morning - time for 44min rate 20 - only 30m of last weeks total for this row ( so hopefully the 5 days off ain't gonna cost me too much.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lost 5 days - AM 30r20 PM 40r18 HRR 70%

Well seemed to have lost five days of training - oops - did get out on the bike for an hour on Friday but nothing apart from that till this morning - just a 30r20 HRR 70% before work and then I got in a 40r18 HRR 70% at lunch time - not too bad on the pace after a drop off

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Just a paddle - 40r18 65% HRR (136)

Just a paddle at lunch - was still feeling fried before I went down from the pre work session - but feel a lot better now  :-D interupted again today - by the instructor who came over for a chat 30min into the row  :roll: lost count of stokes so had to muck about to get it back on track.

No rowing tomorrow - Mrs birthday  :-D


Brutal start to the morning - 12by2:30 30r @20

After walking at 5:30 and feeding the baby then settling her - I was up and had my porridge - walked the dogs and fed them - into the car - into work and set up in time to do the full 5k race warm up and then get set for the new b@$tard session Q has dreamed up - 12 by 2m30s @20 targeting our 30r20 pace -2 - so for me that would be 1:40.6 (30r20 being 1:42.6) - somehow that translates in my brain to 1:39.9 once I start these type of sessions. And then off course I get even braver at the start. By the 5th one I was in trouble :lol: so then re-evaluate. OK hold sub 1:42 pace at least. Let's say it got nasty - and then got worse. But I toughened up buttercup and made it to the end. What a lovely start to the day  :-D

Bang on 50 strokes per rep and each rep from a standing start - some of those where very standing at the end :lol: +2:05 splits on the first pull (usually sub 1:50)

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"its not worth it" 40r18 75% HRR + 2by1m 1r

So last week my work had a "Be well" week talking about looking after your heart and health - have a nutritionist coming in to work with about a dozen people etc etc this week they have some "reward" where they are handing out two slices of pizza to everyone - got my ticket this morning and just walked past where they are handing out the pizza "it's not worth it" I said in my head and came upstairs to eat my soda bread, tuna, carrots  and cottage cheese.

Session at lunch was 40r18 with 75% HRR (151) and then 2 by 1min blasts targeting 1:28 pace - job done - HR kept dropping from the Garmin so might finally grab me a new strap

50r20 HRR 70%

Managed to get 50 minutes in this morning before work - all lovely - although was funny how every time I though about a 2k my HR shot up (check the Garmin results here

Monday, 14 April 2014

**** 30r20 PB ****

Well that was bloody tough - mind you my legs are fatigued and it's the first all out attack I've had on the 30r20 for a while - in fact my old PB was probably the last time I put the hammer down (28-Oct-2013) since then the quickest I had was a 1:43.8 in March (24th) but that was a serious negative split on the last 7 minutes and not a true 30r20 death experience - today was closer - usual first 6 minutes of breezier rowing - waiting for the pain - it came a little later than expected - but when it came it was up there - well not so much pain more of a "will someone walk in the room and stop me please cos this is getting pretty uncomfortable" - no one came in - I carried on - as I cocked up the stroke count (was 2 strokes over at just after half way) I had to try and play with that to get it back on track also had to back off the pace a little at the end to ensure a finish. Happy enough with the result and happy that there is more there on a good day  :-D

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44r20 HRR 70%

No erging over the weekend - too many chores - so in early and checked the clock it gave me 44 minutes for rowing (well I had 45 - but I couldn't get my brain in to gear to work out 45 min split by 8 - for the display - :lol:) nice and comfy once I got going - still a bit of local fatigue in the legs but the "inners" seem to be going well - sub 1:50 with a max HR of 143  :D

Friday, 11 April 2014

2k r24 - interrupted in the final throws!

Decided to do the 2k r24 today - target would be 1:35.3 based on PB +4 - but on tired legs after yesterdays 60min PB i would be happy if I hit 1:36 - warm up was not exactly settling - neither where the people who decided to come in and "cheer me on" with about a minute left at which point I was in oxygen deficit and struggling to count as it was - I think I ended up with one too many strokes overall - think I should have had 151 to be strict but ended with 152 - I blame the intrusion ...

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60r20 HRR 70% - on 4 hours sleep

Repeat of Wednesdays session of 60r20 with new HRR 70% of 143 - similar in training effect and HR and only 7m shorter - which bearing in mind I got 4 hours sleep last night (baby teething) and the load in the legs from yesterdays 60min PB i'll take it  :-D

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

**** 60min PB **** - emptying the tanks ;-)

Jonathan Doyle's blog popped into my mind during this session - so a little homage to him "emptying the tanks"  :-D

So this morning my alarms didn't go off as I turned them off yesterday as the baby woke me before they went off - so although I was still up early - by the time I got to work I didn't really have time to do more than 20 minutes erg'ing - so instead I got to my desk 30 minutes early and bolted that onto my lunch - giving me enough time to do a 60min TT which I missed at the weekend (as I did the FM instead)

In the work gym as my little room was in use - set up and got my music on - but during my warm up I got some funny looks about the music so I turned it off and went in "stealth mode" - the target was to set off and hold 1:42.9 (PB was 1:43.5 - 17,394m with an eye on Sam Blythe's 17,414m entry in the rankings) after the initial "panic" which I get when setting off on a TT I settled in for the pain - Q had posted recently about his 30r20 row saying "as the pain increases the clock decreases" and with that in mind I just held of the pain - to be fair it wasn't that bad - never is .. till the end. I found myself sat on 1:42.5 pace and just decided to hold it - again a conversation with Sam recently about holding it tough through the middle third came to mind and that I did. Some distractions in the gym with people doing odd things - but I kept focused and knew with 15 minutes to go I would make it - I could even drop the pace to 7min 2k and still get what I wanted - instead I squeezed it on to empty the tanks. Which by the last 3 minutes where gone (at least the oxygen was) as I blew the carbon off hard.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

4by2k r24

4by2k r24 done - chopped the warm up to 2k with varying bumps to fit it in lunch time - no drama - just nice  :-D

6:48.1 1:42.0 r24 HR 156
6:47.9 1:41.9 r24 HR 158
6:47.9 1:41.9 r24 HR 162
6:47.5 1:41.8 r24 HR 164

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