Friday, 30 September 2016

for the power of the paddies! ctc 10 min

well that was bloody horrible - had a short time in the gym at lunch and opted for the c2ctc which this month was a straight 10 minutes - in my head I planned on going 1:40 for the first 7 minutes 30 seconds rate 26 then putting on the pressure - in reality it was what it was - still with only two weeks sporadic training over the last three weeks with the three month break I'll take what I can and have to be happy I got it done - there where a few HD moments but simply reminded myself of a few recent incidents - namely running marathons and the pain I was in prior to my back operation - ye - this was't a patch on those - shame I couldn't get sub 1:40 overall split but what's done is done and I certainly was.

Guy jumped on the erg when I finished and I noted he pushed the lever straight up to 10 so I was having a quick chat and then mentioned he might be better of with a lower drag (I had it on 7 for 140) he agreed it felt a lot better - might have to do a bit of a class in there if they let me/are interested.

OCD Nightmare!! 60r20 80% HRR

So more engine building work today - up at 5am as usual - quick breakfast and coffee - dogs walked - drive into Cork then into gym and ready to go for 6:30am the plan at the offset was 60r20 and off I set - early on I sat reasonably comfortable on 1:50 so went with that keeping a eye on the HR hit the first split on 1:50.3 and so foccused on that for the splits - just before midway I felt that for today at least a cap of 80% HRR was in order and so hit the first four splits on 1:50.3 and HR reached 160 so peeled back the pace to what I felt I could crank the back four splits out - so fifth split at 1:53.9 and new target acquired - as I approached the end I saw the predicted finish flick around and then realised it would be close to 16061 - so - the OCD nightmare - do I hit the splits exactly or the finish meters... LOL the things we do to pass the time on the erg

Thursday, 29 September 2016

3by2k 4r r24 no time for warm up - on it - do it - get off it.

3by2k 4r r24 no time for warm up - on it - do it - get off it. Pushed a little on the first and then just punched the second and third home for the 1:44/45 pace - happy with that - knee still hurts but no more than if I was doing "light rowing"

Spun the erg round today - so instead of starring at a blank wall I can see what else is going on in the gym

r18 work - 50 and 60 minutes HRR 70%

ye - that didn't go well - Pam was pretty bad after the operation so instead of being out the same day she was in on morphine over night and it was Tuesday before she felt semi human - I used a opportunity of taking Lilly to Enable Ireland to train as I had about an hour - ended up with 50r18 70% HRR 13,055m 1:54.9 - I was really enjoying it but had to cut it short to pick up Lilly.

Today I was up at 5am to get a full 60min done before starting work at 8am - r18 - 70% HRR - HR raised a bit quicker today.

One thing I have had a issue with since a week before running my last marathon is the left knee - feel pain across the front radiating from bottom right to upper middle hoping it sorts itself out sooner rather than later....

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

"Go as fasht as you can!" 3by2500m r24 r4

"Close your eyes and pull like a dog!"

so the gym I started attending have a new sign up just behind the ergs -

so shall be looking to that for inspiration in the coming months :-)

Another early start - awake at 5am dogs walked and got coffee and banana then drove into the gym - changed and set up but no time for warm up. Target was 30 min TT +4 pace  figured around 1:48 might work so off I set and just knocked off the session - sweat was pouring and breathing was heavy - luckily i don't have to listen as I have my headphones in lol


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2by30r20 5r 75% HRR + 500m

2by30r20 5r 75% HRR which resulted in 8,030m 1:52.0 and 7,865m 1:54.4 forgot me water bottle so quite thirsty work lol did rig up my C-Breeze which helped hugely I think

Then 500m at 2k <5 - figured 1:30 should be OK - it wasn't it bloody hurt! 1:29.6