Thursday, 29 September 2016

r18 work - 50 and 60 minutes HRR 70%

ye - that didn't go well - Pam was pretty bad after the operation so instead of being out the same day she was in on morphine over night and it was Tuesday before she felt semi human - I used a opportunity of taking Lilly to Enable Ireland to train as I had about an hour - ended up with 50r18 70% HRR 13,055m 1:54.9 - I was really enjoying it but had to cut it short to pick up Lilly.

Today I was up at 5am to get a full 60min done before starting work at 8am - r18 - 70% HRR - HR raised a bit quicker today.

One thing I have had a issue with since a week before running my last marathon is the left knee - feel pain across the front radiating from bottom right to upper middle hoping it sorts itself out sooner rather than later....

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