Friday, 30 September 2016

for the power of the paddies! ctc 10 min

well that was bloody horrible - had a short time in the gym at lunch and opted for the c2ctc which this month was a straight 10 minutes - in my head I planned on going 1:40 for the first 7 minutes 30 seconds rate 26 then putting on the pressure - in reality it was what it was - still with only two weeks sporadic training over the last three weeks with the three month break I'll take what I can and have to be happy I got it done - there where a few HD moments but simply reminded myself of a few recent incidents - namely running marathons and the pain I was in prior to my back operation - ye - this was't a patch on those - shame I couldn't get sub 1:40 overall split but what's done is done and I certainly was.

Guy jumped on the erg when I finished and I noted he pushed the lever straight up to 10 so I was having a quick chat and then mentioned he might be better of with a lower drag (I had it on 7 for 140) he agreed it felt a lot better - might have to do a bit of a class in there if they let me/are interested.

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