Saturday, 1 October 2016

I ain't done yet - 500m blast

So been in contact with Q and one of a few things he's asked me to fit in is a "odd sub-maximal 500m. I would imagine that a 1:29.9 500m r32 will feel quite horrific" so as I found a little time to kill after mowing the field.. lawn (it's been a few weeks - and it was a little wet - so I think I went over it about six times...) as the Mrs was out with daughter after a sit down I went up to the shed for a row - on the model B - started off with a 10k row but just didn't feel right for that on the B for some reason so swapped to a race warm up and a 500m blast - although Q mentioned the 1:29.9 I'd done one a few weeks back a little faster and wanted to push more so had a 1:25 r32 in mind - my body had other ideas - this old man ain't done yet 

Forgot to mention - got a little sick in my mouth at the end of the warm up and the phone left the holder on top of the monitor at the end lol luckily it was OK 

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