Friday, 21 October 2016

Punch the Power - 8by2:30 r20 full frontal video of last rep lol

Well today's session - done early as wouldn't have time in a lunch break - was 8 by 2m30s rating 20 with 3 minute 30 rest - have to admit the rest was maybe a little long for me - or maybe I didn't push hard enough early on?

Two reasons I didn't push earlier is a) lower back a little tender at mo b) no idea where to pace this (haven't done these in a long while) c) it was frickin early lol I figured somewhere between 1:35 and 1:40 would be a good place for the pace after a 1k with bursts at rate warm up I opted for 1:40 and to be honest in the first two I thought that was about spot on. After the third I obviously needed to negative split the rest - the 7th went quite well so on the 8th I thumped it (while keeping control)

2:30.0 750m 1:40.0 20
2:30.0 750m 1:40.0 20
2:30.0 750m 1:40.0 20
2:30.0 751m 1:39.8 20
2:30.0 752m 1:39.7 20
2:30.0 753m 1:39.6 20
2:30.0 757m 1:39.0 20
 2:30.0 779m 1:36.2 20  

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