Monday, 24 October 2016

30r20 TT - need blinkers

Monday equals 30r20 bury yourself day - the plan was to start hard at sub 1:44 pace and then let it come up a little in the middle and then drive for home - plan started well - got to the 6 minute mark and felt just about right on the "feck am I gonna make it" pace guideline - then a chap got on the erg next to me (and they are close together) and proceeded in the ski-jump format of rowing ... although I tried to block it out it was just to close and lost my rhythm and to add to that I could see traces of my sweat and snot going in his direction if I wasn't careful so had to try and keep a lid on that - led to a greater slow down than intended but on the positive I stuck with it and gained 17m on last week lol - OK so that might have come from the final few strokes .....

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