Monday, 10 October 2016

AM 40r20 70% HRR - PM 500m test recording ergdata screen

Full of cold at the moment - feel like a kid as I go between a blocked and runny nose.... yuck lol so that slowed me getting up at 5am and by the time I got to the gym I figured I had about time for 40 minutes so off I went keeping it on 70% HRR (143bpm)

Over the weekend I was helping Rhona Ware out with some advice on the erg and during the session I put some power down as i wanted to demonstrate you don't necessarily need high SPM to hit the power - this ended up with some 1:18 splits quite comfortably appearing and then down to 1:13 at the same time I got an idea that I could record the ergdata screen "real time" as there is a option on my phone to to screen record ...

So not feeling 100% but knowing I can hit 1:18's, with a short time in the gym and the idea to test the screen recording all road led to a 500m trial - and after a 5k warm up of various rates/pace that's what I set up. Was hoping to get a good start - drop under 1:18 to get the average down then simply sit on 1:18/1:19 to the end - all went well until about 150m - 200m out the erg starting shifting at the front over to the right... I ended up having to back of for fear of hitting the erg next to me and so not the time I should have got but a successful test of recording the screen :o)

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