Wednesday, 12 October 2016

8by500m - be better than your last

With the continued head cold (mainly sinuses blocked) lunchtime session beckoned and as I looked for something out of my candy cart of speed sessions to do the 8by500m 1:30r came up to the top - enough to do some good without burying me in snot - well that was the hope - looking at last week I managed to complete this on a average of 1:33.7 8by500 r1:30 r28 this was as stated at r28

so - target 1:33.7 from the start and depending on how I felt either just maintain that at r28 or push on - of course the first one went to pot as I took one less stroke the ave dropped to 1:34.1 - bugger - OK so in that case is negative split time and of I set - thoroughly enjoyed that - puffing like a steam train and sweating like a Eskimo in the Sahara but felt good - now if my sinus would kindly clear up!

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