Wednesday, 5 October 2016

60r20 AM - 8by500 r1:30 r28 PM

Up early and in to the gym for a hour rating 20 with HRR of 70% closely adhered to and felt pretty good - slight DOMS from yesterdays' dalliance into lifting "weights" but not that would slow me too much. Even saw a lift in pace towards the end which back in days gone by was a sign that the body was resetting itself and the training was taking effect - hopefully means the same this time :o)

 So then at lunchtime I figured a drop into the 8by500m was in order - to tie in with Q's current thoughts r28 was a good fit and after a 3k warm up off I set - target was sub 1:35 - I ended up negative splitting the thought of which I pretty well cursed on rep 6!! Then on rep 8 I completely missed the start as I was trying to wipe the sweat of the handle so playing catch up from the start - didn't quite catch up though....

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