Wednesday, 19 October 2016

1min r20 test

lunchtime and although I had half a idea in my head to test a 1k (looking at 1:29.9 pace) once I got most of the way through the warm up I decided against it - the gym was very warm at lunchtime and there was a enough fatigue in the body to know that something else was required - as Q had requested a 1min r20 test I figured that would be a good fit as I was well warmed up - two attempts at getting sub 1:30 but alas due to sloppy erg timing and movement of said erg i was not to get it today - on the first attempt the erg strain was such that the phone cradle did less cradling and more dropping of my phone hence the video cutting out - add to that my timing was all over the place - think this was in due to the fact the erg was shifting too much as was my backside on the seat lol so I'm afraid only 325m r20 1:32.3

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