Wednesday, 19 October 2016

4by2k r24 stupid OCD

Early start and spent the first 5 minutes or more with my eyes half shut as I stumbled around the house while my body tried to wake up lol dogs walked and bags in the car into the gym and on the erg - 1km warm up then 4by2k 5r r24 aiming at a target of 1:44.9 - no real problems - in fact felt very good - it's great where they have the ergs at the moment as it's dark in the early hours and the windows act like a giant mirror so I am able to concentrate on form - alas my pacing was all over the place in the final 2 reps... ;o)

2000 r24 6:59.9 1:44.9
2000 r24 6:59.9 1:44.9
2000 r24 6:59.8 1:44.9
2000 r24 6:59.7 1:44.9

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