Friday, 14 October 2016

AM - aborted 60r20 HRR 70% - PM 100m play time *** PB ***

Still full of snots but not affecting chest and therefore into work for a 60r20 this AM 70% HRR - but by half way the HR was just over the limit and the pace was way off where it should be so took the sensible option and backed off. That's the great thing about HR training the signs are obvious when the central systems are working overload and so there's no point pushing them when not needed.

So lunch time and not wanting to push the central nervous system too much I opted for some fun - 100m stand alones - wanted to test some different drags and foot positions and think I managed a PB as I've no record of me going faster than 14.3 seconds - certainly not as a 40 plus year old :o)

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