Tuesday, 4 October 2016

no much kip got to keep a grip - 4 by 1500m r28

Another of Q's recommendations today "4 or 5 x 1500[4:00] but done at r28 (to begin with ) at 95% (to begin with)" he warned "Pushing up the intensity always feels very unpleasant as you work your way back in - normally disproportionately so. " and it certainly did that this morning - to be fair after only 4 hours sleep (if that - into bed gone 12:30 and daughter came in about 4:30) driving to work felt unpleasant - never mind the warm up - as for the first rep - well that was nearly the last lol but with a new found determination to get the training done and regard it as training I persevered and got through the second - the third was pretty daunting and the 4th was horrid - but again reminding myself that the gains come from completing the session at the intensity dictated no matter what the pace may look like got me through. Still very tired though .... ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz..........

Oh yes - booked in with a instructor at the gym to check over squat technique and deadlift then will look to add in weights to the program.

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