Tuesday, 25 October 2016

AM Weights - PM 30r20 70% HRR + 500m Controlled

in the gym this morning and went through the Tuesday weights routine with an increase in the weights for the main piece - so

5 min warm up on bike and some stretches

Squat - Barx5, 50kgx4, 65kgx3, 70kgx2, 80kgx1

Overhead Press - Barx5, 15kgx4, 20kgx3, 25kgx2, 30kgx1

Deadlift  - Barx5, 65kgx4, 70kgx3, 80kgx2, 90kgx1

(all the above are using the olympic bar so total weight is weight plus 20 - eg deadlift is actually 120kg or 264lb)

Lat Pulldown 3x6x100kg

Lunchtime and I got in for a 30r20 70% HRR which I enjoyed - although it was quite funny as my mind drifted now and then to the possibility of racing which saw the HR spike by about 5 beats lol

Followed up by a 500m r32 target was 1:26.0 - got the power down early and tried to keep good length while controlling the rate

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