Thursday, 31 August 2017

6by2k r24 3r

That was a odd one. Missed yesterdays session scheduled as 60r18 75% so originally intended doing that tonight and play catch up tomorrow. But I grabbed the wrong HR strap heading to shed and the HR bounced from 150 to 170 in a stroke so after ten minutes I binned that and went in to grab the working strap. Thus reverted to tonight's originally planned session of 2k r24 repeats on 3 minutes rest. After pushing last week's reps at 1:45 and lower pace the call came in to back of the pace to something more in line with current fitness levels.. I kinda worked out 1:47.5 to 1:48.0 but can honestly say I breezed through that and will need to review again with Q.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

30r20 push hard at the start and assess - heart OK legs and lungs struggled

30r20 today no HR cap on this - row yourself into the ground was the advice form Q.... lol

Last week I managed a 1:49.9 average 8,185m so anything better than that was the aim, as such I said I'd go after 1:48 from the start and see what happens. Well all went well at the start through the first three splits (3m45s) near enough where I wanted to be but then the untrained drain started. In respect to my physiological performance at the moment it seems to be the lungs and legs which are the sticking points (I always used to say the physical side in rowing came in three, heart, lungs and legs (muscles) and it's maximizing the three where the performance comes from) at the moment I seem to struggle to provide the oxygen to the legs I say that as my breathing is very labored and legs are tired during the row - that's my perception, the heart rate isn't being pushed too hi in relation to these.

So that meant I needed to re-asses the target (and go through the mental anguish of knowing I used to row faster than this for recovery rows...) and keep the push on with a big push in the last split.

Row complete and I was as close to being in the ground on it as I used to be in my hay days of 1:41.6 for a PB on the 30r20 - still a step closer rather than a fall back further.

Monday, 28 August 2017

60r18 75% HRR + 2 by 1min 1r 2k -3

Managed to get out fr a late afternoon session today, and although ideally this would be the 30r20 death by rowing session I decided to put that back tomorrow as it took me until Sunday to get the 4by2k done. So that gave me the 60r18 at 75% HRR then 2by1min with 1r at 2k -3 - well K so y 2k isn't 5:59.9 quite yet but we all have our dreams so I placed my 2k at 6 and aimed for 1:27 pace on the 1 minutes.

60 minutes started great but as the untrained heart and lungs struggled towards the end it did become a bit of a slog.. a sweaty one at that

Then onto the 2 by 1 min with 1 min rest - funnily I found the first one tougher than the second - rated a little hi for my liking but job done.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

4by2k r24 3r keep plugging away

I started this session yesterday, I had pains in lower abdomen area which I'm not sure about but struggled through a warm up determined not to be undone and got one rep completed but during the rest my father in law decided to pop up to the shed to say hi and although I started the second rep all my will power was spent... :(

This morning I spent putting up the outdoor Xmas lights as I did not want to do it in December when it was cold and wet... It was just wet today... Lol then popped into Cork to meet a old friend and his fiancée who where over for a wedding, took Lilly up as the Mrs isn't well, then home to feed them and myself and put Lilly to bed so about 8:30pm I got my gear to train but after stripping down I decided f'eck it I was knackered and would rather lie on the bed..

Ten minutes later I was in the shed starting the warm up. Not a glorious warm up. More of a move up and down.. But at least it was something. Then plugged in 2k intervals with 3 minutes rest. Off I set targeting 1:45 pace rate 24. First one done and wasn't feeling too bad. I felt a little bad after the second... By the third I was wishing I stayed lying down. But promised myself I'd do four and as I was still slightly negative splitting I set off concentrating on technique and breathing. Completed the session thank good now I can move onwards and upwards

Thursday, 24 August 2017

60r18 75% HRR - back in a schedule

Having been in touch with Q we've a plan in place now which calls for a schedule of training. Today was 60r18 75% HRR. Tough row on tired legs from last night but completed and not a bad pace.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 by 1min on 1min off r20 - pride goeth before a fall...

Tonight I had a decent amount of training time and after doing something light-ish yesterday I wanted to do some pounding today to get the body and mind moving forwards. What better than a 1 min on 1 min off r20 :) so I looked up my blog for a guidance on pace - 20-by-1min-on-1min-off so I see I could manage 1:35 pace - when in full training ... off I went to the shed thinking 1:40 might be a good pace.. I did my full race warm up and re-assessed to 1:37.5 ... I hit the first rep and got a 1:35 ish out if it but on the last stroke the cradle for my phone and phone flew off and also gave a odd reading

 so I restarted and decided to target 1:35 (there goes the pride) and after the third rep the fall came and I dropped to 1:36.4 and on the 5th rep I really blew - completely miss timed the start and struggled my way through .. so there come the thoughts of ditching the session .. but I said to myself just do one more rep and forget the other 14 ... and so that continued and I pushed as much as I could on every single stroke and every rep I had with a small rally at the end - the HR doesn't show the effort but it wouldn't over such a small time frame.

 some of the final reps again showed the stroke count having a mind of it's own in ergdata...

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

30r20 75% pre interview on my birthday

Wanted to row this morning before a interview so I did, feel it helps the brain work better. 30r20 75% and for a morning row the numbers came out quite well, had to stop briefly after halfway as I forgot to turn the fan on and I was sweating... Lol

Then I got ready and headed for the interview after that I got to enjoy my birthday. Cinema with my daughter as my poor wife had to work bless her.

Monday, 21 August 2017

30r20 85% HRR It's not the fear of the row it's the fear of the fail

Starting to bring in some of the tougher sessions, one of the best and worst of these is the 30r20. It doesn't matter what height, weight, age or fitness abilities you have the 30r20 will take you to places most sane people would avoid....

Now having just started back a all out attack will not be a wise thing. So I originally planned on capping it at 85% HRR (168).

After a quick warm up I started the session and although I was pushed a pace that I knew would have to drop I didn't see the HR climb to a level expected and knew that the muscles where more tired than the heart today so I dropped cap to 80% (160) up to half way and then pushed on again to try and get to the 85%... I did.. It was sweaty. 4.4 TE. But boy the mental torture through a 30r20 lol