Sunday, 27 August 2017

4by2k r24 3r keep plugging away

I started this session yesterday, I had pains in lower abdomen area which I'm not sure about but struggled through a warm up determined not to be undone and got one rep completed but during the rest my father in law decided to pop up to the shed to say hi and although I started the second rep all my will power was spent... :(

This morning I spent putting up the outdoor Xmas lights as I did not want to do it in December when it was cold and wet... It was just wet today... Lol then popped into Cork to meet a old friend and his fiancée who where over for a wedding, took Lilly up as the Mrs isn't well, then home to feed them and myself and put Lilly to bed so about 8:30pm I got my gear to train but after stripping down I decided f'eck it I was knackered and would rather lie on the bed..

Ten minutes later I was in the shed starting the warm up. Not a glorious warm up. More of a move up and down.. But at least it was something. Then plugged in 2k intervals with 3 minutes rest. Off I set targeting 1:45 pace rate 24. First one done and wasn't feeling too bad. I felt a little bad after the second... By the third I was wishing I stayed lying down. But promised myself I'd do four and as I was still slightly negative splitting I set off concentrating on technique and breathing. Completed the session thank good now I can move onwards and upwards

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