Sunday, 20 August 2017

3by2k r24 HRR 85% - We are the ones who will never be broken

So today I opted for a interval session - when I was sorting the shed out I found a old training schedule on the wall - it had 3by2k 5r r24 HRR 85% - so as this training schedule was at a good time in my rowing "career" I plumped for it.

Full race warm up at old race pace was tasty...

The into the session - wasn't 100% sure on what pace it would come out at so went for 1:45 to start and let that drift where it needed to ..

7:08.8 1:47.2 r24
7:12.8 1:48.2 r24
7:15.5 1:48.8 r24

TE 3.8

Lloyd this came on towards the end of the third rep and thought of your spirit my buddy

We are the ones who will never be broken
We are the ones who survive
This is the sound that brings us together
You are the one by our side

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