Tuesday, 29 August 2017

30r20 push hard at the start and assess - heart OK legs and lungs struggled

30r20 today no HR cap on this - row yourself into the ground was the advice form Q.... lol

Last week I managed a 1:49.9 average 8,185m so anything better than that was the aim, as such I said I'd go after 1:48 from the start and see what happens. Well all went well at the start through the first three splits (3m45s) near enough where I wanted to be but then the untrained drain started. In respect to my physiological performance at the moment it seems to be the lungs and legs which are the sticking points (I always used to say the physical side in rowing came in three, heart, lungs and legs (muscles) and it's maximizing the three where the performance comes from) at the moment I seem to struggle to provide the oxygen to the legs I say that as my breathing is very labored and legs are tired during the row - that's my perception, the heart rate isn't being pushed too hi in relation to these.

So that meant I needed to re-asses the target (and go through the mental anguish of knowing I used to row faster than this for recovery rows...) and keep the push on with a big push in the last split.

Row complete and I was as close to being in the ground on it as I used to be in my hay days of 1:41.6 for a PB on the 30r20 - still a step closer rather than a fall back further.

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