Wednesday, 23 August 2017

20 by 1min on 1min off r20 - pride goeth before a fall...

Tonight I had a decent amount of training time and after doing something light-ish yesterday I wanted to do some pounding today to get the body and mind moving forwards. What better than a 1 min on 1 min off r20 :) so I looked up my blog for a guidance on pace - 20-by-1min-on-1min-off so I see I could manage 1:35 pace - when in full training ... off I went to the shed thinking 1:40 might be a good pace.. I did my full race warm up and re-assessed to 1:37.5 ... I hit the first rep and got a 1:35 ish out if it but on the last stroke the cradle for my phone and phone flew off and also gave a odd reading

 so I restarted and decided to target 1:35 (there goes the pride) and after the third rep the fall came and I dropped to 1:36.4 and on the 5th rep I really blew - completely miss timed the start and struggled my way through .. so there come the thoughts of ditching the session .. but I said to myself just do one more rep and forget the other 14 ... and so that continued and I pushed as much as I could on every single stroke and every rep I had with a small rally at the end - the HR doesn't show the effort but it wouldn't over such a small time frame.

 some of the final reps again showed the stroke count having a mind of it's own in ergdata...

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