Friday, 26 June 2015

12by100m 1r

Got this session of Ross "THE BEAST" Love yesterday as I aim to improve my 500m PB (1:18.0) the session he gave was 12 x 100m 1r and Pace wise they are done at 500m pace. I asked about static or rolling starts and he suggested "I would suggest not starting at a dead stop on the 12 x 100... just to much torque on your back."

So - after a 5k warm up drag set to 170 and the video set to record off we went - lost seating on the 6th rep I think and a couple of reps I went more arms then legs just to see what it felt like. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.

1:11.9 seems to have been my strongest stroke 941 watts


Starting weights

Squats - ass2grass
10 by bar only (Smith Machine)
5 by 2x35lb
5 by 2x35lb 2x25lb
5 by 2x35lb 2x25lb 2x10lb
5 by 2x45lb 2x35lb

Shoulder front press
10 by bar only (Smith Machine)
5 by 2x35lb 3 sets

Standing DB fly
10 by 2by5kg 2by2.5kg by two 3 sets

Bent over row
10 by 2by10kg 2by35lb 2by1.25kg 3 sets (too light)

EZ bar Upright row
10 by 2by10kg 2by25lb 2by1.25kg. 3 sets EZ bar

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Target acquired!

So training at the start of the week was just plodding along a r20 HRR 70% and to be honest I was content with it - up to yesterday when life circumstance caused a stop for the day - but also a target came up on the horizon - 500m C2 rowing challenge - so - although yet to clear it with Q and the other boss as it is only down the road in Clonakilty I should be OK to get there - even if not I can always set up my own 500m TT. It's something to aim at and get me motivated.

Of course last night I got woken twice by the little lady of the house and woke with a touch of a soar throat - still set up some sprinty type stuff at lunch - 5 by 200m  r1 at drag 186 - aim was to keep under 1:20 split - managed that easily enough so dropped drag to 174 and went again - came apart pretty well on the second one although I managed to haul my ass over the line I called it a day then,

 For the 500m TT - I am hoping I can beat my 1:18.0 - so plenty of weights - sprints and meat :o)

Friday, 19 June 2015

two 30r20's - one at 70% HRR and one at age group PB SB

Once again managed to get in early enough to do a 30min row before work - just - r20 and 70% HRR - felt good and managed to get it in under 1:50 pace which I was very happy with

So after saying I'd take it easy this week I got a bit of drive in me and took on the 30r20 TT at lunch - age group PB was 8686m so target 1:43.6 or better. 2k warm up with some r20 bursts and off we set. Got to the 6min mark and although tough I was still in control so kept the pressure on. (I know from experience that the 6 minute mark is a good time to adjust if needed - it should be tough but not quite coming apart at this point) I kept the sub 1:43 pace going up for the first third and then backed of slightly through the middle - not sure where my "fitness" is at the moment. Then once inside the last ten picked it up again and drove for home in the last two or three minutes - overall 30r20 PB is 8,855m 1:41.6 which may be on in the coming months ...

Happens to be a seasons best 30 minute as well :-D

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mo Meters - Guided by a beating heart 70% HRR 30 plus 40 r20

So got in the car to come to work - was up early so I could just about manage a 30 minutes before I got to my desk for 8am - in the car the song "Wake Me Up" came on - the lyrics seemed quite fitting for where I "am" at the moment in regards to training

Feeling my way through the darkness
Guided by a beating heart
I can't tell where the journey will end
But I know where it starts?

So guided by my HRR training I know where to start - lets see where this journey ends ;o)

30r20 70% HRR was the start guided by my heart 

So lunchtime and 40r20 70% HRR - was feeling pretty good on this

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Stuggling = return to basics = meters. So 75r20 plus 40r20 70% HRR

Weekend of no rowing (picked up new car though) and lack of sleep meant Monday and Tuesday where troubled and broken rowing sessions - so today was back to basics - meters - stuck on a film on my phone and had that on top the monitor and dialled in 75 minutes before work r20 HRR 70%

The same at lunchtime but only 40 minutes - job done - feel better already

Thursday, 11 June 2015

40r20 70% HRR - recover

Some more recovery needed - blinking hot (for Ireland) lol

and look what's on the way for the Model B (sush don't tell Pam)