Monday, 8 June 2015

Fitness Matters WOD on a Model B - Drag 170 (plus a little lunchtime training)

Well I trained at lunchtime - aiming for 6 by 5min on 1min rest r28 - got about halfway on the 4th and lost motivation - which I am struggling with at the moment without any races or TT's to aim for - kind of in a wilderness 

So tonight a rare opportunity to train at home turned up - so I grabbed it - looked on Facebook at the Fitness Matters WOD and saw it was ...
500m x 15 (1 m rest) R24
(Reps 5,10,15 free rate)
Actually - I just remembered I saw that this morning and thought it was pretty nasty - wish I remembered that earlier ... So I asked Sam Blythe if he'd done it so I had a target - he said he hadn't but was kind enough to give me one (I'm not sure how kind it was now ...) the target 

"Start 1.35.x on the 24's. And 1.29.x on the free rate (which I would aim to do around 2km rate)"

Now as mentioned I had to do this on the Model B with PM3 - but I had the firmware updated and so plugged it into the laptop to get it set up on Rowpro (offline) need to dig out my HR reader as well at some point, So got the drag on the B to 170 (lowest it will go on the cog) and then just went straight into it conscious of time. The slide wasn't great and took some getting used to, the foot placing was the old wooden ones which I basically got my feet in and out of without loosening the straps lol and managed to get stuck while wiggling a couple of times. The row itself was fine for the first four reps r24 - then the 5th rep got me puffing and only 1min rest was interesting as I made a few deals with the demons on my shoulders - this continued (deal making) up until the final rep - can't remember what I promised them - but it's gonna be costly! Boy was I sweating by the end. Cheers Sam - over to you!


  1. Hi Paul,
    Been following you're blogs and exploits for a while.

    This workout is a beauty (and the other's from WOD that you've posted about seem pretty cool too). That free rate looks like a killer. Just what I need to try and get some more power.
    Love that you got the model B too. Brings back some "wonderful" memories.

    Reading your blogs I find hearing about your motivation (the ebbs and flows) interesting and that I don't feel as bad when I go through my bouts with lacking motivation. For instance... In seminars all this week and have to erg at home at night after putting my 2 daughters to sleep. Doing lunchtime pete plan (at night), 7500, but was only in it for 5500, then 1' rest, then 2000. Could have pushed through but just didn't want to. Plain and simple.

    Sorry for running on. I really enjoy reading your posts and your progress.


  2. Thanks Marco - my bouts are more from frustration that I know I go faster/further but need a regular run at things - I'm quite OCD and need a certain order in my life lol

  3. I've noticed that in your posts. You're reaction to missing by 1 meter or 1 stroke makes me chuckle. I can relate though. It felt really good when I hit 4 even splits of 1375 over 20minutes.