Thursday, 31 July 2014

40r20 70% HRR - back to training

so back to the grind this morning - leave the hard sessions alone for a while  ;-)

felt a little tough - maybe yesterdays session was a little hard on my leggies :lol:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Steadying the boat - Hell on Erg (CTC)

you can probably guess what's been going on

1) weekend no rowing
2) came in Monday (too late for morning row so only lunchtime) tried to do a hard row - HD'd - no real reason - just didn't "want it enough"
3) Tuesday - in early set up to do the row again - HD'd after 11min when ergdata crapped out
4) Tuesday lunch - set up again - HD again after 22 min
5) In early again today - set up again - HD again after 22 min
6) Sod this - CTC time - target was Graham Bentons time from 2009 - which meant 3461m or 1:26.7 average - or - 346m per 1 min rep with one at 347m (CTC is 10by 1min on 1min off) - why this - I needed something to target and focus on and it works for me to target someone else rather than my own times when I get like this. Somehow managed to get through - got real tough at rep 3 - maybe a more conservative start would of got me a better time - but I just went with it - if I knew the overall score as I was going through I may have found an extra meter or two - but it is what it is - a completed session and not a easy one - I have problems committing to "easy sessions" also when I am like this. Big issue has been lack of sleep due to baby - bless her.

Also got me some humidity/temperature gauges - only a fiver of amazon

Friday, 25 July 2014

50r20 75% HRR

was going well till someone moved the fan to point away from me ffs mind you once they left the room cooled a little more and so I was able to push on a little

aaaaa aircon! 60r20 70% HRR

I don't think it got down to 16 (what I set it to when I walked in) but definitely cooler than previous days - managed to crank the full hour out and at sub 1:50 pace so very happy after a few days of frustration  :-D

Garmin HR Details

Thursday, 24 July 2014

heat humidity hindrance!

Well yesterday went tits up - in early enough to do an hour before work but the air con wasn't working and after 20 minutes my pace was slower than my 100k pace! So that got stopped - was supposed to go down at lunch but had a meeting moved on me which caught me out - so then I was intending to row or bike in the evening but that never happened either!

So in today with time to do an hour r20 HRR 70% before work but after 15 minutes someone moved one of the fans in the gym and lost the cooling from that - the air con again wasn't on so the blood boiled! after another few minutes the gym was empty apart from me so I hopped off and tried to reset the fans - back on the erg and off I set - no good the pace was slowing more and more. So decided at 29 minutes I'd stop and grab two of the fans and put them right next to me (as close as I could) and row 30min piece r20 HRR 70% - check the screen shots below which tells the story - after about ten minutes the fans did the trick and the body cooled down so the blood could do the job in the muscles rather than going to the skin to cool me - frustrating - but meters rowed and lessons learnt.

Garmin HR Detail

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

60r24 - one attempt and one completion

Came into work early to do this - but due to tiredness my concentration levels where not there and I allowed some distractions to get the better of me and HD'd after 20 minutes

As I was half hour early to me desk I asked to move the time to my luch and after some humming and arring went for it again - I had a target of 1:42.7 in my head - I wanted to get of ahead of target so I had some play in the middle third and then pull it in at the end - went very well - not really out of breath or tired - couldn't see the HR on the monitor as it had dropped the signal due to some messing about before I set off (basically refitting the C-breeze it blew off the first two times I set off - this meant I had to reset the Garmin every time) no time for a warm up - set up and go  ;-)

Got some lovely sweat from the row - can you spot where the C2 was set up!

Monday, 21 July 2014

40r20 70% HRR

Sometimes a few days off feels like months - so just a gentle session to get me old bones moving

Garmin HR Detail

Friday, 18 July 2014


Well I got a 5k warm up in and then 6 by 1min 1r - was aiming at doing ten but due to eating fish and chips about an hour before I was in danger of making a mess lol - still got something done

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

12k r24 - OCD - almost

So today - no training this morning due to dropping dogs to kennels before work - (fly tonight) but did get a session in at lunch - as I am away till Monday basically now I wanted to push it a little bit - very tempted at the 10by1min 1r CTC all-out attack - also a 1k TT came to mind - but decided to stick to the plan and do a 12k r24 .... although I dropped the 80% HRR cap - the reason being is I am not sure when I will get a training session in again before Monday - so my body will get plenty of recovery (remember the HR cap is there to enable us to maintain a high level of training without overcooking it) - ended up hitting 1:42.5 and stuck with it - pretty much empty in the legs at the end of the 40min - (have to remind myself that yesterday’s row was pretty tough too)

Garmin HR Details

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


yup - you know the score by now - weekend got nothing done exercise wise - Monday tried the 60r22 in the morning blew up at 25 minutes - tried the 30r20 at lunch - blew up at 7min 30 so up early today (and due to being at a wedding this weekend and a few other thins going on) it was my only opportunity to get the 60r22 done so set off on that again (target 1:43.5)

No warm up - just get changed - set the erg up and go. Tough - yup - HD thoughts - yup - HR pumping - yup - if I had another opportunity to row it this week would I have HD'd - possibly - still done now

The worse bit is when the split starts to drop - and even though I know I can thump the end and drag the split down - that panic sets in and it's time to override the mental side.

Friday, 11 July 2014


Well air con still out in the work gym so this was one heck of a sweaty slow row - still meters in the bank - only 15k ish of the first million for this season (starts May 1st)

Garmin HR Details

Thursday, 10 July 2014

40r20 70% HRR

session 2 - 40r20 HRR 70% - lack of air con still bringing down the split! 1:49.4 10,968m - 23,500m today

6by1k r20 - nasty start to the day

6 by 1k at rate 20 - 2min 30sec rest - I looked back at my 2by4by2:30 r30 session (29th May) which came in about 1:38.5 but with a last split of 1:36.6 I figured 1:37 might be a good starting point and I think I got it about spot on - tough - sweaty - got the HR up and had a few lung rattles towards the end - glad that's done

Garmin HR Details

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

40r20 HRR 70% slow down

40r20 HRR 70% at lunch - really slow pace - 1:50.7 - did this at 1:48.6 yesterday morning - combination of no air con and this morning's row I reckon

still struggling - 60r22 - target missed and a HD

still struggling - today I was targeting the 60r22 with a target of 1:43.5 - although I found it "OK" to start with - the current snot nose/sore throat took it's toll and slowed me up - even HD'd about 12 minutes before the end - but had a wee word in my shell like and picked up and carried on. Will try this again next week and hopefully the cold will have shifted. 17,333m 1:43.8 r22

Oh the Garmin HR Strap didn't connect to the PM4 today for some reason - was in a bit of a rush to get this in before work (so no warm up nor cool down) - after rowing for 30 seconds I spotted the HR wasn't connected but literally didn't have a minute to spare to stop and start again - luckily the Garmin 910 picked up all the details including the HR on the split if interested see the link

Garmin HR Details

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

sick and tired of being sick and tired

yes I'm moaning - no change there then - the sore throat continues and brought with it a heavy cough and this morning the snots - basically I've got a cold - but as the cough is making it hard to sleep I am also knackered - so yesterday was a right off training wise (started a 60r22 in the am before work and just felt crap so stopped at 25 min and the lunch session never really started) so this morning a 40r20 HRR 70% and determined to get it finished I did - was remembering this morning my old rugby coach from school telling us to train through a cold - mind you that was over a quarter of a century ago - and that made me feel old.

Garmin HR Details

Friday, 4 July 2014

feel ill - so rate ladder CTC

well with the weekend looming I really wanted to do something other than being sensible (i'd planned earlier in the day to do a 40r20 HRR restricted) - I knew the way I feel the 4by2k wasn't on (scheduled row)  - I didn't have the time either - so I went for the 10 by 1min which is this months CTC but on a rate ladder - started @24 for 2 reps - then 26 etc - 1:28.7 ave - feel good I did something tough - but still feel crap ie ill - tomorrow off and will see if that cures my ailments.

 Garmin HR Details

Thursday, 3 July 2014

30r18 65% HRR - 2by1:30 1:30r

session 2 - 30r18 65% HRR - dropped the HR and SPM cap in order to allow the body a little recovery after having a slow session this morning - also the air con was blowing out hot air FFS! Then I wanted to see what 1m30s at 1:25 pace felt like - horrid - so I did it twice lol

Garmin HR Details

60r20 HRR 70% bit slow

Managed this morning before work - bit slower than usual - but still getting over that throat infection - 16,282m - 1:50.5

TE 2.8
Ave HR 140

Garmin HR Detail

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

30r20 70% HRR - 2by1min 1r

Followed up the power hour from this morning at lunch time with 30r20 70% HRR and 2by 1min target 353m (1:25.0) - which came out at 354m (1:24.7) and 356m (1:24.2) - 30min was 8282m or 1:48.7

Garmin HR Link

60r20 sub 1:45

Well after last weeks 60r20 jolly I looked up the master of these - Mr Skene and saw he had a 1:44.9 60r20 - so not that I am competitive or anything .... (also needed to make up some training from missing yesterday due to daughters appointment)

no time for warm up - still trying to cool down

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