Monday, 30 June 2014

30r20 80% HRR

went down at lunch and tested the waters - weak as a kitten I decided on a reduced 30r20 - so targeted 1:44 pace which turned out as 80% HRR - so decent training while feeling crap

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30r20 70% HRR - sick boy again!

Well picked up a throat infection somewhere - appeared Saturday morning and so left training alone for the weekend hoping to shift it - still here this morning so will keep the training light for a few days - getting fed up of missing days at the moment - so 30r20 70% HRR (143) this morning -

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Friday, 27 June 2014

40r20 70% HRR and 2by1m 1r at lunch

Just a simple set to do - didn't really look at the monitor on the minutes - focused on the mirror in front and tried to get the arms to fire out and stop the ski jumping I tend to do

Just short of 29k for the day :o) - all training meters - no warm ups or cool downs - don't have time for them :lol:

60r20 - 17k - self inflicted punishment

Well spent Wednesday and Thursday fighting with my nemesis - 30min TT - 20 minutes in and 10 minutes in I HD'd - not through tiredness, soreness, out of breathness - just put the handle down and really am at a loss to explain it at the mo - the temptation is then to have another go and another and end up in a downward spiral - so - this morning I knew I would be in with enough time to do a 60min piece and had decided on 60r20 70% HRR - even then I had left my pass at home with key to get the machine out - and also left the Garmin on the erg switched on so the battery had gone - looked like the day was going against me.

Got on the erg and set off - after about 3-4 minutes I decided I wanted to push this session as I'd missed the training effect the last two days - also - I needed to push a hard piece and finish it - so decided on the end of the first split (7m30s) I would drive on with a 17k r20 piece - somehow decided this would be 1:45.0 pace and knew as I had lost some in the first split I would need to drive harder - 17k isn't 1:45.0 split - it's 1:45.8 - took me a while to work that out lol - once I had i targeted the 17k as originally planned and got rather sweaty

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

30r20 70% HRR - pretty happy with that

Quite humid at the moment and with last weeks interruption to training I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the pace for this

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

40r20 70% HRR before work - 30r20 70% HRR and 2by1m 1r at lunch

Just recording the sessions - prior to work I got in a 40r20 HRR 70% and then at lunch time the 30r20 HRR 70% and 2by 1min 1r - target for the 1 minutes was 1:25.0 pace - had this worked out at 352m - seems it was more like 353m - so I did 354m on the second to make up for it

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Monday, 23 June 2014

**** 10k PB **** CTC 10k r24 - Irish Record

Well last week was a write off training wise - started with food poisoning intermixed with stupidly jogging (first time in 4 years and trashed my calves & thighs - still tender!) and then no training at the weekend once again. So wanted to give myself a kick up the butt (in both physical and mental aspects) the CTC suits this to a tee as I'm able to target something and have a mental push to finish. Last week I capped my hr at 80% HRR for the first 9k so today I decided to increase that to 85% and basically see how the body reacted to the previous week mess.

Seems to react quite well - and even though I wasn't 100% sure what my PB (free rate) was (33:35.7 - 1:40.8) I knew it was around the 33:34 mark so I made sure I got into the 33:33's and still kept to the r24 - spot on  ;-)

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Friday, 20 June 2014

you can't breed stupidity

OK - after the 10kr24 80% HRR on Tuesday my erging went downhill again due to the food poisoning - Wednesday morning I was in early enough to do a 60min - but sensibly went for 40min and stopped after 20min as I felt sick on every single stroke - stomach still bloated and very tender - Wednesday lunchtime I went to do some weights and somehow ended up going out for a jog with a work colleague - about 3.5 mile - you can't breed stupidity - stomach felt worse after and the calves and thighs where trashed. Thursday I was actually sensible and had a lie in then did weights at lunch. This morning back on the erg and also at lunchtime - both 30r20 HRR 70%

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Recovering from food poisoning CTC

Well Saturday was a planned day off spent in the wildlife park with a picnic - Sunday was spent in bed with food poisoning - most likely from a cooked chicken bought from a local supermarket - Monday in work feeling sorry for myself - this morning into work early enough to set up a 60min row but stopped after 30min as I felt like getting sick - lunchtime I wanted something with a bit of oomph - so took last weeks last session which I missed (10k r24 80% HRR) and after getting to half way decided to complete the 8750m as specified then put a sting in the tail - needed to do this to get myself over the finish line - still feeling crap - appetite is non existent - 34:23.5 - 1:43.2 r24

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this mornings effort

Friday, 13 June 2014

60r20 HRR 70% 1:49.4 pace

Exactly the same meters as the 6th June :lol: how odd - although I believe it was a lot warmer in the work gym as the air con seems to be off and it's quite humid in Ireland at the moment. No lunch session as working through - to get out early - Disney show for the baby tonight .... I may be the baby  ;-)

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Comparison of 60r20's

Thursday, 12 June 2014

30r20 65% HRR

feeling rather destroyed after the pre work session I went for a 30r20 65% at lunch 8104m 1:51.0

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4by2k TT 5r - HD on 4th rep

So last night I went to bed after getting as much of my morning chores done as possible in order to get into work early early (that's earlier than early) to get this little b*stard of a session done - simple request (on paper) row 2k four times at 2k PB pace plus 5 - so for me that would be 1:36.2 pace - but as I think I'm a little quicker than that I was thinking a little faster - but then with doing this first thing in the morning I wanted to edge on the side of caution - so 1:36.0 for the first rep and see. Well that was the plan going to bed last night.

Woke this morning at about 5:30 with one of those "need to jump out of bed this is feckin killing me!" cramps in my right calf. Then once the lava flow had subsided I lied down for another 5-10 minutes and then got up. Breakfast eaten, Dogs walked and fed, gym and lunch bags packed, off I set to work. Plenty of time to get the session in (takes just over an hour for the rowing never mind the getting changed) and warm up commenced - felt half asleep - calf still niggling at me as was the left shoulder. Oh well I might as well get started.

Stuck with the plan of 1:36.0 for the first rep - was a bit miffed when it came out at 6:24.1 but did find it hard to rate up and seemed to be stuck at 30spm. So into the second one and again found it hard to rate up (early morning) blowing hard but I finished strong. Third rep and the "leg ache" hit early (less than a minute into it) but having done these a few times recently I know this pain/ache well now and just stuck at the job in hand and it won't get too much worse. Keep focusing on 30 seconds at a time. OK finished the third rep but was wishing that was the fourth. Small walk and compose myself then back for the final rep. Of we go, 30 seconds in and the pain starts, fine we know this, keep plugging, 2 minutes down and a third of the way there and the first sign of the (HD) demons, brushed them off and kept going showing 1:36's on the screen and a few 1:37's, dig in only two minutes left now, put a little push on and bang - the handle got dropped into the cage, 600m on the clock to go, balls! slid the seat back empty handed, feck it, slid forward and picked up the handle and off we went again, managed to talk myself round and gave it what I could for the last 30 strokes, not all out but enough pressure on to drop that split down. Phew!

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

40r20 70% HRR

just a bit more distance on this one - more "quality metres" in the bag

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

30r20 HRR 70% plus 2by1min 1r (with video)

fiddled with the lunchtime session - wanted to get the 1 minutes in - so chopped session down to 30r20 HRR 70% - result

30r20 70% HRR - 8,369m 1:47.5
2by1min 1r target 1:26.0  (348m) - result 1:25.7 (350m) for both @34

Nice and controlled (I thought) in both the 30 minute and the minute blasts - trying to concentrate on technique as much as anything

40r20 hrr 70% pre work workout

up in time for another 40min before I start the working day - went for r20 this time and again started aggressively  ;-)

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Monday, 9 June 2014

**** 30r20 PB ****

and the funny thing is - I nearly skipped it as my right leg been feeling funny - kinda felt swollen - to the point that I took my shoe of at my desk this morning. So went down at lunchtime and just did a random 2k warm up - still not feeling it - popped 30min on the clock and after a quick chat set off - intentionally started hard and let it lead me where it went - went quite well - did back off just before the end to ensure I finished but felt pretty good all the way through - don't even recall any HD moments.

 In fact I was showing 8871m on predicted finish but had to stick to the 600 strokes and so didn't take that extra one as I finished with over 6 seconds left on the clock.

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Friday, 6 June 2014

2k r24 Time Trial - with video

The end of this training cycle called for a 2k r24 TT originally scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) but due to a work event (Canoeing in aid of Diabetes Ireland - sponsorship will be gratefully received :o) ) I had to bring it forward to today. Also due to the large possibility of distractions at lunchtime I decided if I was up in time I would do it before I started work. On reflection both of these decisions may have cost me a few tenths of a second - but then that's the price to pay for being an amateur athlete - training fits around life and not the other way. Target wise I had a 6:15.9 from two months ago - between Q and myself we had the target of 6:13.9 in mind going into this - that meant a split of 1:33.5 with a small push at the end.

So after waking to here the rain (heavy Irish rain!) I was up and had my porridge then walked the dogs - got soaked - and into work. Race warm up done and I set the phone to record and off I set. Maybe a fraction hard at the start and too many strokes so had to back off to get that in line and let it slip too much - legs where tired and had to dig deep in order to focus the mind - too many of my HD's (handle downs) have come from seeing a split slip and giving up on the piece - not because I couldn't finish - but because I couldn't see how I could hit my target - so I dug in and got over the halfway mark and settled for beating my last attempt but as I got towards the end I dug in a little more and keeping to the 24 strokes per minute came so close to target - but alas I missed - result was 6:14.4 so 0.5 seconds away :o(

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