Monday, 28 September 2015

In memory of Joan

Although I missed the actual day I'm sure she'd understand - I'm taking that view having never met her but heard and seen such wonderful things I'm sure she'd understand - my first row since the operation so took it easy and after starting it decided a truly fitting tribute would be aiming at hitting target as a 30r20 session :-)

Oh up in Dublin as taking our daughter in for a yearly check up on her heart (she was born with a hole in it) and EDS no major drama just keeping an eye on it. At the Clarion hotel in Liffey Valley - only walked in and saw the ergs but seemed reasonable. Was actually suprised as there was one guy on one erg and another lady got on one as I did my 30 then as I was getting off another two ladies where starting...

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Getting a sweat on..

Out tonight to the shed for some light weights and then hopped on the bike on the turbo - changed the setting on the turbo from 7 to 4 (it's very high tech ....) and this seemed to mean I could spin the wheel s bit faster so kind of means that as far as keeping record is concerned the speed/distance isn't going to mean much - so if I need to track anything it would need to be HR and cadence I think - anyway got a great sweat on with it being 20c in the shed and 70% humidity - it's nearly October in Ireland!!

HR High 174
HR Ave
TE 3.5
Ave Speed 49.8
Max Speed 57.2
Distance 24.9km
Ave Cadence 95rpm
Max Cadence 109rpm

Friday, 25 September 2015

On the road again ....

Was hoping to get out on the mountain bike yesterday afternoon for a blast ... but ... although I managed to get it back together I hadn't "tested it yet" so once I actually got out I realised that the gears weren't working ..... oh and the brakes weren't the best - so basically back to base and had a lie down instead :o(

 This was how the bike looked when I got it back from my mums

So with the afternoon off work once home and a chore or two done I got the rear wheels swapped on the road bike (have two rear wheels - one set up for turbo which was a old wheel that got buckled rim from a pothole - too badly to trust on the road but fine on the turbo) and then out I went - the old route from home to the local town and back - nice to be outside as the weather quite good. Unfortunately on a accent I had a gear jam and had to stop - what was really annoying though was another cyclist just pulled out of a side road and I was grinding my way up to him FFS lol not the fastest ride but a nice change to the shed. Once I got back I did a few weights and that was nice :o)

Got the HR up to 173 average 153
EPOC 157 ml/kg
TE 3.8
1334 kcal

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young...

After a full day in work (was supposed to be a half day still as sitting at my desk seems to cause me more grief than anything - well that and in the car for any amount of time) and a very early start - 5:30a.m. - by the time the daughter was in bed and the dogs where walked it was gone 9p.m. and I really fancied just lounging on the sofa - but then the power of Facebook struck - firstly seeing Lloyd Gilby powering through some training then this "meme" popped up - that was enough to get me up and changed and into the shed - a few light weights (nothing involving anything with the lower back even supporting) and then onto the bike - did manage to get on Sunday night for 20 minutes and averaged over 40km/h from the start so that was the plan for tonight - still getting a numbness in the "man area" which I needed to relieve a couple of times and then grabbed a video of the last minute - used that as a motivation to be honest - I dunno why but it worked.

TE 3.8
EPOC 157ml/kg

Thursday, 17 September 2015

getting a sweat on in the kitchen

Mrs works late on a Thursday evening so I popped the bike into the kitchen with the turbo so once the little one went to bed I was hoping to get on for a 60 minute sweat - but about 25 minutes in I felt a bit of stiffness in my back - stood out of the saddle to see if that helped but no - so stopped after thirty - still had a good sweat going so not wasted #TryingToBeSensible

TE 2.6
EPOC 57 ml/kg
Max HR 151
Ave HR 137
Max Speed 39.0
Ave Speed 34.4 km/h

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

a long day but the motivation is there

my daughter woke early today, at 4am then 5am ... and next doors dogs where out and about at 6am so lets say we had a early start - up and fed with daughter ready for gymnastics at 11am with a quick stop for lunch and then dropped her for creche - home to potter around the house doing "standing up chores" sitting is still a pain ... literally. Then picked her up and home for tea, more "standing up jobs" and some play time then off to bed for her and a dog walk for me and the pack. Back in the house about 9.30pm .... do I want to train? Well yes I blinking do - so got the bike gear on and up to the erg shed (needs a tidy - see photos) on the bike and after a fiddle with the Garmin to get the displays I wanted I set off - about 6 min in I wanted to check the overall times and clicked the button on the Garmin to scroll the screens -nuts - forgot to start it FFS - OK start again and off I went - intention was to beat last nights average speed so got the speed up to 38 km/ph and kept it there - had a few issues with numbness in my "man areas" does anyone else feel like "it's" gonna fall off? lol Piled on the pressure gradually at the end and happy enough bearing in mind the time of day and how long I've been awake - back in work tomorrow and ironically sitting at a desk is going to be more of an issue than doing this!

30 min r85 - oh on the bike (turbo)

So today (14th September 2015) is the third day I've been on the bike on the turbo - first day 10 minutes then 20 yesterday and today 30 minutes - target today was push HR up to 80% HRR (160) and hold it until last five minutes and then gradually push the HR up - went well and maxed out with 183bpm - don't appear to have any issues from the back but still early days.