Sunday, 18 May 2014

100km World Record - Overall

Well - err - where did it start - I suppose when I heard that the French rowers where launching a mass attack on 100km WR's the seed was sewn - then with Anita Pearce and Lucy O'Brien also entering the frey along with Anne Bourloux in Canada doing a tandem it seemed everyone was doing them - so I thought I'd set aside the date (17th May and have a go) now as mentioned in my blogs recently my knee is isn't in the best state - but with baby sitting arranged and the Mrs organised I said I'd have a crack at it anyway. Training wise - well just confidence in my training with Q and the recent FM PB helped. The only people to know I was going ahead before hand was the Mrs and close family and also Q. I kept it quiet as I wasn't sure how the knee would hold out.

So after spending part of last night and today setting up at about 11:20 am this morning I set off - I had targeted the overall WR of Jesper Jensen, Lemvig, Denmark from December 29, 2011 which was 6:13:49.3 average of 1:51.9 - but as I set off I found it comfortable at sub 1:50.9 pace and as I was seeing sub 6h10m on the predicted finish I ran with it - all went quite well - knee held up - big "pain" I had was the rubbing on the skin from the onesey - forgot the vaseline - so I was pootling along all fine and dandy then bang - hit the "wave" (what runners call the "wall" lol) so luckily because I had such a lead on the overall record I was able to drop off the pace and somehow I managed to get home and still knock a minute of the overall record - and 10 minutes of my previous 30-39 record - knee is sore now but I might let it have a rest tomorrow - blisters on my butt and hands got a lot as well. Overall I'm happy - but I know there is still a lot more there with some better prep work.

Result - 6:12:39.2 - monitor crashed after I stopped - luckily rowpro survived - I did get a screen shot from the video the mrs took (I'll add that in here in a day or so)

Big thanks to the mrs for looking after me and Mrs Mum for looking after the little one - also Q as ever for investing so much of his time in me

Or the physical link is here - 

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