Friday, 29 May 2015

Tangent Training - then C2CTC 2min

So off I went on my little tangent today - warmed up - dialled in some reps - first rep the C-Breeze blew off - second and third start I got about 250m each time so I binned it - took a moment - set up the C2CTC on drag 170 (2min row as far as you can) and somehow I was able to dig in and finish that even with the legs screaming - 716m ave 1:23.7 r33

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Row like a freak - 3by 1min r20 - 30r18 75% HRR - 2by1min

Almost didn't train today - feeling battered this week by "life" but decided just go down and crack on seeing what others are getting through at the moment and still training is very motivating on these down days – also saw James Howard mention that anyone who could go sub 2k pace on a 1min r20 was a freak – so swapped out today’s session with net Thursday :o) couldn’t face 50r18 neither did I have time if I added on the 2by1min at the end.

1min r20 325m 1:32.3
1min r20 331m 1:30.6
1min r20 333m 1:30.0

30min r18 75% HRR – nearly stopped after about ten minutes as I just wasn’t into it - 30min r18 8214m 1:49.5

2by1min 1r
1min r30 (30 strokes on ergdata) 353m 1:24.9
1min r30 355m 1:24.5

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

45:00 + 30:00 [2:00] r18 70% (143)

Supplemental Session Type B - long - had time before work to get this done - so I did :o)

12,031m 1:52.2 r18
7,859m 1:54.5 r18
Ave HR 141 (max 147)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

50:00 r18 70-75% HRR plus 2x1:00[1:00]

Going to try and get back on the plan as best I can

So - 50:00 r18 70-75% HRR
(5x10m: 75,70,75,70,75) +
2x1:00[1:00] @2k-3    

And now I just read that properly I realised I cocked up already - had it in my head it was 70,75,70,75,70 (and I'm blaming Al for that cos I was looking at his splits before I went down lol)

50 mins
1:47.6 145 (70% HRR)
1:48.1 152 (75% HRR)
1:53.2 141 (70% HRR)
1:50.4 150 (75% HRR)
1:55.0 142 (70% HRR)

2* 1 mins 
1:25.4, r33 159
1:25.2, r32 167

felt good during the minutes :o)

Boom - unfortunately the car I bought not my erging

So no erging yesterday due to at best inebt car dealership - the story 

Bought the car on 19th May and within two days I noticed a knocking noise which got louder, on 21st May I took it into a Ford Dealership/Garage and they diagnosed an issue with the "bottom end" of the engine and said it was most likely a bottom bearing or bent con-rod. So I called Great Island Motors and talked to "Ray" who advised me he thought there could be issue with the con-rod/bearing or possibly the injectors (which I understand they had replaced) but after he'd said he’d spoken to a main ford dealer himself he understood that replacing the injectors might lead to it settling down, which it hadn't. Therefore Ray advised me that they would be getting a replacement engine for the car the next week and they would call me to advise me when they would be replacing it under the three months warranty. I was concerned about driving the car further (especially as I have my two year old daughter in it) but Ray had said to me that it is fine to drive away until you get the engine replaced.

This morning (25th May) on my commute driving 120kmph in the outside lane of the dual carriageway from Midleton to Cork I head a grind and then crunching noise, smoke came from the engine and I noted something fell to the road as I drove. I lost power but managed to get the car to the side of the road and called Great Island motors who said to me that if I got the car to them they would give me a loan of a car while they fixed it. So I called the AA who came out and called a tow truck with which I transported the car to their garage. On arriving at their garage I was then told they would give me my money back and that they would give me a lift into work. I explained I needed a car for my daily commute to work and I wanted the car fixed. They said they were not willing to loan me a car while they fixed the Mondeo and that it would take them a couple of months to sort it out. I took the refund in a cheque and left their premises with my contents of the car. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Model B with Batlogic

I managed to get a model B from eBay for £60 with a PM3 :-) ok cost another £120 to post to Ireland but it's worth it as I've long wanted to test one out in comparison to the new models. So earlier today I actually got it put together - bit off a faff as it was stripped down and the schematics online aren't the best. Tested the drag out on the decking - 250!

So later in the evening I managed to get out and straighten and tighten her up - and even managed to get the Batlogic ergadapter attached - quick test in civilian clothes and pretty happy with it although drag dropped to 232 in the shed

Friday, 22 May 2015

Fitness Matters WOD - 48 min alternating rate ladder.

Bit stressed currently so today I did the Fitness Matters WOD which consisted off

"48 min alternating rate ladder. 
(6 mins x 8 @ rate 18/22/18/24/18/26/18/28)
So set the C2 for 48 minutes and a split length of 6 min. You need to give thought to pace for each rate BEFORE you start. The R18 is not flat out, but quality and fairly even pace on each of the 4 splits of 6m. Great focus on technique. Then as the subsequent rates increase look to also increase your pace/500m accordingly."

I "borrowed" Sams splits as my target :o)

Went OK - used the first 6 minutes as a warm up - bit pissed off I messed up the third r18 as I had it down to do 1:52 on my piece of paper but during it in my head I got 1:53 from somewhere. Legs where dead on last 6 minutes but managed to drive home with 1:35's for final minute

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

4by2k r24 3r

Checked into Q-Power headquarters and spotted this session from one of the team so lined that up for my lunchtime feast - well sweatfest - limited time so 1k warm up and off we set. First one felt quite nice - second one not too bad - third one like hell and fourth I was just numnb to it lol

A HM in the AM - HM@20 80% HRR

Got up early this morning so once in work I had quite a bit of time for my usual Wednesday AM row and decided on the HM (like you do) target was to r20 and look around the 1:47 mark - set off a bit lumpy and found I was drifting into r21 territory (at one point I was 12 strokes over for the perfect r20 score but brought that back at the end) around the half hour mark I had to make a call as the mind and body weren't there today to carry off the 1:47 target so I called in the 80% HRR backup plan and after a few talks with myself managed to get through the no-mans-land and out the other side to actually enjoy the back end. Nice sweat to start the day.