Thursday, 28 May 2015

Row like a freak - 3by 1min r20 - 30r18 75% HRR - 2by1min

Almost didn't train today - feeling battered this week by "life" but decided just go down and crack on seeing what others are getting through at the moment and still training is very motivating on these down days – also saw James Howard mention that anyone who could go sub 2k pace on a 1min r20 was a freak – so swapped out today’s session with net Thursday :o) couldn’t face 50r18 neither did I have time if I added on the 2by1min at the end.

1min r20 325m 1:32.3
1min r20 331m 1:30.6
1min r20 333m 1:30.0

30min r18 75% HRR – nearly stopped after about ten minutes as I just wasn’t into it - 30min r18 8214m 1:49.5

2by1min 1r
1min r30 (30 strokes on ergdata) 353m 1:24.9
1min r30 355m 1:24.5

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