Friday, 22 May 2015

Fitness Matters WOD - 48 min alternating rate ladder.

Bit stressed currently so today I did the Fitness Matters WOD which consisted off

"48 min alternating rate ladder. 
(6 mins x 8 @ rate 18/22/18/24/18/26/18/28)
So set the C2 for 48 minutes and a split length of 6 min. You need to give thought to pace for each rate BEFORE you start. The R18 is not flat out, but quality and fairly even pace on each of the 4 splits of 6m. Great focus on technique. Then as the subsequent rates increase look to also increase your pace/500m accordingly."

I "borrowed" Sams splits as my target :o)

Went OK - used the first 6 minutes as a warm up - bit pissed off I messed up the third r18 as I had it down to do 1:52 on my piece of paper but during it in my head I got 1:53 from somewhere. Legs where dead on last 6 minutes but managed to drive home with 1:35's for final minute

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