Monday, 11 May 2015

8by250 1r Wakey Wakey

Had everything set last night to get into work early and crank a 60minute piece out - food prepped, gym bag ready, clothes set...Lilly had other ideas at 2am ... oh well still managed to get into work early enough to row and decided to hit some "sprintervals" decided on 8by250 1r as this (along with a warm up and cool down slotted nicely into the time and I wanted to hit some high end work as I tend to leave that off at this time of the season. Target I quickly set was 1:23 first two reps - 1:24 3rd and 4th - 1:25 5th and 6th - 1:26 7th and 8th - why did I positive split rather than negative I hear you ask - well I was half asleep and didn't want to put up an aggressive session which I may come unstuck on at the start of the week. Think I got the targets about right - last two strokes where pretty uncomfortable lol - also doing it this way meant I could try and concentrate on the technique. Also wanted to push them through at 36 SPM and all reps where from race start (ie flywheel stationary)


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