Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A HM in the AM - HM@20 80% HRR

Got up early this morning so once in work I had quite a bit of time for my usual Wednesday AM row and decided on the HM (like you do) target was to r20 and look around the 1:47 mark - set off a bit lumpy and found I was drifting into r21 territory (at one point I was 12 strokes over for the perfect r20 score but brought that back at the end) around the half hour mark I had to make a call as the mind and body weren't there today to carry off the 1:47 target so I called in the 80% HRR backup plan and after a few talks with myself managed to get through the no-mans-land and out the other side to actually enjoy the back end. Nice sweat to start the day.

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