Monday, 24 December 2018

8by500 1:30r r30

As I got my Xmas eve jobs done I was rewarded with some erg time.. Not sure rewarded is the best description for it.. 8by500 1:30 rest r30. Using the erg I bought for 300 euros and rebuilt.. Had a few niggles still but hey ho

Friday, 21 December 2018

8by500 1:30r r28

OK I have the Irish on the 19th January so I'm going to sqew the schedule aimed at that (cos I normally stick so close.. 😂) with that in mind and the way all this week (and other weeks) I seem unable to settle into a session at lunch due to time constraints, I figured I would do the "hard" sessions in the morning, not ideal but better than nothing. So with all that I picked 8by500m on 1:30 rest all reps from "standing start" target was r28 1:30. Full warm up, felt crap, first rep done, felt crap (repeat for next six reps) ten seconds before I started 8th rep I puked into my mouth, swallowed it and cracked on. Session completeled. Yay

Thursday, 20 December 2018

This week

Right, been a crappie week, but rowed everyday, had to go to Dublin Sunday night for a training day Monday - set of on a 30r20 in the hotel gym once I found the best of the six ergs in there (still wasn't great) but ten minutes in came a big can of give up, swapped to 30r20 with 70% and then thumped the last 3:45. So Tuesday and Wednesday became early morning struggles with only 30 minutes of 60r20 70 completed before the hr pushed the pace too much for me to stick it out. This morning I completed the full 60 by pushing the hr to 75%. Still in good news the weight has dropped

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

am 60r20 70% pm 4by1k r24 r3:30 - 26 million lifetime meters

This morning I started taking my HRV this morning, did one last night as a test for the hr strap (have a old one at home, the main one stays in work during week) boy was it bad, was up at four am with Adam and awake for the day at 5:30am May not help.

In good news weight dropped to 114.7kg

So this mornings 60r20 70% started well and ended not so well - and discovered the air con turned itself of during the row. Grr.

Lunchtime session was 4by1k 3:30 rest - although the schedule had 5 reps today having missed ten days training and feeling a bit under the weather plus pushed for time I decided to do a small warm up for a change and target four reps - picked 1:38.0 for the pace and held first three well, on the fourth I pushed at 500m to go and was looking at 3:10 predicted finish when my headphones stopped playing music, phone fell out of its cradle all during which my stroke rate increased a little and I ended up missing the 3:10 and due to one extra stroke came out with a r25! Still I hot over 26 million meters :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

20x1:30 30r r24

Not exactly according to plan.. (that being 1:40 pace) blew out after 15th rep

Ten days off one day on...

Well after ten days in the wilderness, ie off work at home lol no training, just didn't get the time or energy. I've started tracking my calories/food again yesterday and had a weigh in today (115.9kg).So after a full on day yesterday in work catching up, this morning I got back on the erg and was expecting bad numbers and wasn't disappointed. Irish Indoors is on 19th Jan.... 😂

Friday, 30 November 2018

November ctc

Last pop at this, bearing in mind that last week on Thursday and Friday by back had spasmed up I'm thankful to have been able to have another crack

First real signs of the engine stirring

Signs of improvement at last, normally, well recently, if I'd rowed the same HR piece one day after the other I'd take a hit on pace, today I actually had a increase - yay - maybe the worm is turning - so yesterday and today's 60r20 70% HRR

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

30r20 70% drag65!!

Well at least I rowed... The bungee was lose and chain was rusted with a drag of 65 and a superglued cable into the monitor this was what we got

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

4by2k 3r lunch plus early morning row

Stupid hr messing up OCD row - lunchtime 4by2k 3r. This morning I programmed in a HM but the sweat was rolling and hr raising too much.

Monday, 26 November 2018

HM in the am 30r20 for lunch

Managed to get a half marathon done before work, bearing in mind last Wednesday my back went I'm happy to be able to row. Lunchtime saw the 30r20 served up and was a tough one