Monday, 21 August 2017

30r20 85% HRR It's not the fear of the row it's the fear of the fail

Starting to bring in some of the tougher sessions, one of the best and worst of these is the 30r20. It doesn't matter what height, weight, age or fitness abilities you have the 30r20 will take you to places most sane people would avoid....

Now having just started back a all out attack will not be a wise thing. So I originally planned on capping it at 85% HRR (168).

After a quick warm up I started the session and although I was pushed a pace that I knew would have to drop I didn't see the HR climb to a level expected and knew that the muscles where more tired than the heart today so I dropped cap to 80% (160) up to half way and then pushed on again to try and get to the 85%... I did.. It was sweaty. 4.4 TE. But boy the mental torture through a 30r20 lol

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