Monday, 28 August 2017

60r18 75% HRR + 2 by 1min 1r 2k -3

Managed to get out fr a late afternoon session today, and although ideally this would be the 30r20 death by rowing session I decided to put that back tomorrow as it took me until Sunday to get the 4by2k done. So that gave me the 60r18 at 75% HRR then 2by1min with 1r at 2k -3 - well K so y 2k isn't 5:59.9 quite yet but we all have our dreams so I placed my 2k at 6 and aimed for 1:27 pace on the 1 minutes.

60 minutes started great but as the untrained heart and lungs struggled towards the end it did become a bit of a slog.. a sweaty one at that

Then onto the 2 by 1 min with 1 min rest - funnily I found the first one tougher than the second - rated a little hi for my liking but job done.

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