Thursday, 20 October 2016

AM Weights - PM short stuff - incl 1 min r20 almost sub 1:30...

5 min warm up on bike and some stretches

Squat - Barx5, 45kgx4, 50kgx3, 55kgx2, 60kgx1

Flat Bench Press - Barx5, 35kgx4, 40kgx3, 45kgx2, 50kgx1

Power Clean  - Barx5, 35kgx4, 40kgx3, 45kgx2, 50kgx1
           55kgx5x3 (did have 60kg on but couldn't shift it for even one rep lol)

Seated Cable Row 3x8x91kg (maxed out the stack on the machine)

At lunch I was delayed by traffic so really hadn't the time to do much - so did a few 100m's then a couple of 200m's and finished with some 1 minute r20 - still trying to get that sub 1:30 - missed by 1 meter on the second one!!

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