Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4by2k r24 - messed it up ....

When you wake up at 5am and one of the first things that the brain works out it has in store is 4by2k r24 you really do wonder what is going on in my tiny brain lol

Still dogs walked and bags in the car into the gym and on the erg - 1km warm up then 4by2k 5r r24 last week I managed a target of 1:44.9 with no real problems so although we are supposed to be hitting a target based on a 30min TT time I felt the need to push a little bit - so I figured 1:43.9 should be OK - then I messed it all up..

2000 r24 6:55.8 1:43.9
2000 r24 6:55.2 1:43.8
2000 r24 6:54.6 1:43.6
2000 r24 6:51.6 1:42.9

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