Thursday, 13 October 2016

AM Weights - PM 500m TT

This morning I went through a weights session before work which was

5 min warm up on bike and some stretches

Squat - Barx5, 40kgx4, 50kgx3, 55kgx2, 60kgx1

Flat Bench Press - Barx5, 35kgx4, 40kgx3, 45kgx2, 50kgx1
           60kgx5x3 (this wasn't to chest and thinking of using dumbells in order to get deeper?)

Power Clean  - Barx5, 30kgx4, 40kgx3, 45kgx2, 50kgx1 (learning as I go on this)
           50kgx5x3 (did have 60kg on but couldn't shift it for even one rep lol)

Seated Cable Row 3x8x91kg (maxed out the stack on the machine)

Lunchtime - had to be a quick session as stuck in traffic on way to gym so went with 500m TT - still full of cold but as said earlier in the week as long as it's not "on the chest" I'll just crack on with it.

Full race warm up and set up the monitor - weighed down the front end (see Tuesdays blog) and off I went - same tactic - settle at 1:18 ish and keep it going - think the cold had more of an effect than hoped and just had trouble with really dry mouth by half way - plus I probably rated a little high for my liking - need to get a better control on it. Still - 1:20.6 and managed to bury myself in the process which was nice - NOT!! lol - oh I love the erg!!!

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